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Pink diamonds from Argyle mine have yielded up to 28% growth pa for over 38 years, with no end in sight to their potential. Access this exclusive complimentary guide and find out how you can confidently identify and invest in rare pink diamonds.

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Pink diamonds from Argyle mine can now be used as a 100% tax deductible investment

With the closing of the Argyle mine in 2020, the demand is rapidly outstripping supply, and their rarity is only going to increase. Contact us using the button below to find out more.


In the complimentary Pink Diamond Investment Guide we’ll reveal our top pink diamond investing secrets so you can identify high-return pink diamonds and grow your wealth

You’ll discover:

  • The 6 reasons why Pink diamonds from Argyle mine are the best investment
  • The 4 variables you need to know to get the highest return on investment
  • Why Pink diamonds from Argyle mine are outperforming both gold and real estate
  • Which pink diamonds you should NEVER invest in even if they’re “certified”
  • The only way to accurately determine the value (and rarity) of a pink diamond
  • Why diamond brokers and jewellers will set you back years in profit and what you can do about it

The team at Australian Pink Diamond Investments have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to Argyle Diamonds. I have invested with this company for the past 4 years. I have found them to be excellent in their communication through the whole process from enquiry, investment information, purchase and delivery.

Tonina Harris Queensland, Australia

Amplify your wealth with Australia’s number one authorised pink diamond investment specialist.

Australian Pink Diamond Investments is Australia’s largest and leading supplier of rare Pink diamonds from Argyle mine.

Owned and operated by the Leonards family, our diamond origin started back in 1812 in Paris, France, where our great-great-grandfather was a prominent jewellery craftsman. He relocated his family in 1854 to Piccadilly, London, and opened Tessiers jewellers, which is still in operation to this day.

In the late 1920s our grandmother relocated to Newcastle, Australia. In 1932 she purchased our Darby street building and opened for business.

Today we collaborate with the world’s major Argyle authorised partners to offer our clients an end-to-end pink diamond investment service. Our diamonds are hand-selected for their superiority and high-growth potential. So you are guaranteed the largest selection of investment-grade pink diamonds in Australia, at the most competitive prices.

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Pink diamonds from Argyle mine have appreciated over 600% in the past 2 decades, with no end in sight to their growth potential

Don’t miss your chance to invest in a rare pink diamond before scarcity drives their prices up even further.

Download the ultimate guide to investing in pink diamonds and discover how you can reap the rewards of Australia’s most beautiful high-return investment.

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