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The Australian pink diamond mine sporadically yields blue, grey blue and violet diamonds. In fact, these certified Australian diamonds can be considered the rarest of all diamonds on the planet. To put that into perspective, for every 25 million carats of rough diamonds unearthed from the Australian pink diamond mine, only a single polished blue or violet stone is produced.

In the 37 years the Australian diamond mine known as the Argyle has been operating, just under 150 carats of rare BL1, BL2 and BL3 blue diamonds have been certified by the Argyle’s inhouse graders. That represents approximately 1.3% of the mine’s total certified production of pink, reds and blue diamonds.

Argyle blue diamonds are famed for their royal beauty and rich, majestic hues that naturally form through the presence of boron in the stone’s carbon structure. Its dramatic colour takes millions of years to develop, making argyle blue diamonds arguably the most precious, rarest and sought-after of all gemstones on the planet. In fact, for every 25 million carats of rough diamonds unearthed, only a single polished blue or violet stone is found.

Blue Diamonds - blue diamonds

Australian Blue Diamonds Come in All Shapes and Colour Saturations

Natural Blue, Greyish-Blue, Violet, and Violet-Blue Diamonds

Blue Diamonds - blue diamonds

Blue Diamond Colour Grades

Most natural blue diamonds are rare, but the diamonds from the Australian pink diamond mine are the rarest of all. It is estimated that for every 1.00 carat of certified Australian pink diamond inscribed diamonds, there are 350 carats of natural diamonds on the market. When you consider this diamond in general is 25 times rarer than a pink diamond, this fact alone makes a blue diamond a stand out in any investor’s collection.

Blue and violet diamonds are typically Type IIb due to the presence of boron within the diamond’s structure. However, the Western Australian pink diamond mine is the only known source of Type Ia hydrogen-rich blue, greyish-blue and blue-violet diamonds in addition to the uniquely vibrant cornflower hues.

Argyle blue diamonds range in colour from light blue to deep blue, with secondary tones like violet, grey or green adding character to the stone’s overall appearance. However, the Western Australian pink diamond mine is the only known source of Type la hydrogen-rich blue, greyish-blue and blue-violet diamonds in addition to the unique, vibrant cornflower hues. These stones are not treated or enhanced; they are found below the earth’s surface with their natural hue.

The colouring seen in Argyle blue diamonds is so unique that Argyle invented a specialised system to classify the varying hues. As a result, they are classed into three grades — from the lightest Bl1 to the most intense BL3. To ensure unmatched quality while maintaining the authenticity of this truly unique stone, suppliers across the globe follow stringent controls in mining, polishing and distribution. Each stone has an individual identification number inscription, and upon purchasing an Argyle blue diamond for sale, you will receive an Authenticity and Gem Identification document.

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Is an Argyle blue diamond worthy of investment?

Given its rarity and unique hydrogen blue hue that isn’t available in any other coloured diamond type, the overall investment value of the Argyle blue diamond continues to rise. Recent data obtained from Argyle authorised partners proved that BL1 classified Argyle blue diamonds saw value growth that averaged 77% per carat per year over the last four years. Historical price records have also shown that the per carat premium for a BL2 classified Argyle diamond is on average 30% higher in price than a BL1. The per-carat premium for a BL3 classified Argyle diamond is on average 50% higher in price than a BL2.

Evidently, the most expensive Argyle blue diamond isn’t the rarest by volume. As a result, it’s essential to have the right advisors working with you when you’re assessing Argyle blue diamond price — and indeed, what colour blue Argyle diamond is for sale.

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Argyle blue diamonds can be found in the Argyle mine in Australia. Only a small handful of notable specimens have been discovered over the decades.

With less than 600 individual Argyle blue diamonds in existence, the scarcity of this stone is a key point of interest for gem enthusiasts and investors alike. Admired for their enchanting beauty and dramatic blue and violet hues, Argyle blue diamonds are seldom unearthed — only a single blue diamond is found in every 25 million carats of diamonds extracted from the Argyle Diamond Mine.

As Australia’s leading provider of pink, red and blue Argyle diamonds for sale, we collaborate with the world’s largest Australian authorised clients to offer a start-to-end investment solution. We understand what makes a valuable stone, from acquiring and managing your diamond investment to reselling your gem to a competitive buyer. That’s why we can quickly gauge which factors and gems will result in solid profitability for investors. 

We have exclusive use of the Australian Pink Diamond Analytics program that allows us to obtain data-driven results that track and statistically determine the rarity, financial growth and value of all blue Argyle diamonds for sale. With an extensive portfolio of clients, private investors and trustees, get in touch with us today to organise a VIP diamond viewing experience.


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