Investing in Rare Pink Diamonds

Invest confidently in the rarest and most valuable Australian pink diamonds.

What are the benefits of investing in pink diamonds?

Pink diamonds can be an excellent way to maximise your financial return when they’re included as part of a balanced and diversified portfolio. Pink diamond investment has become an increasingly popular option in recent years, as investors look for tangible asset options beyond gold, silver and property.

But there are numerous key factors to consider when purchasing a pink diamond investment to help ensure a maximum financial return. The first — and most crucial part of investing — is to pay the same price as a jeweller would, rather than retail prices. In practical terms, this means you should be looking to work with a seller who can help you with investing in pink diamonds by finding wholesale price deals.

It’s much like any other form of investment, really. You’re looking to buy low and sell high. The return sale of your diamond investment will also likely be at wholesale prices, through an auction house or a retail jeweller. That’s why it’s critical to have the right seller to work with, who can provide effective advice on the best times to buy and sell.

FACT vs. Motivated Misdirection

Australian Certification vs. No Australian Certification (GIA only)

Let’s take a closer look at why Australian certified pink diamonds are growing in value at an astonishing rate — and by contrast, why pink diamonds without Australian certification have stagnated in value. 

When it comes to the financial growth of a natural pink diamond, all statistics you read originate from a company called the “Fancy Color Research Foundation” (FCRF). This highly reputable organisation tracks the international market behaviour and changes of the wholesale buying price of certified pink diamonds from 1.00ct plus in size. The index is an objective tool, based on exclusive data and refined real-time information supplied by independent industry leaders. According to the FCRF, natural pink diamonds without Argyle certification have only increased in value by a mere 1% in the past five years — more concerningly for investors in these types of diamonds, that 1% growth happened back in 2019. 

By comparison, Argyle-certified pink diamonds have seen an average of 18.6% to 38% growth within the last 12 months alone. This has established Argyle-certified pink diamonds as the preferred tangible investment. Given that Australia’s only pink diamond mine also closed at the end of 2020, it’s reasonable to assume that future rises are also on the horizon.

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The closure this year of the Australian diamond mine forecast to dramatically increase Pink Diamond prices.

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Diamond Attributes

There are three primary attributes that determine the colour grade of a pink diamond: 


The dominant colour of the diamond. Sometimes there are modifying colours or tints that affect hue. For example, a diamond with a pink hue may have a purplish tint.


The strength in the pink of the hue. Hue saturation in pink diamonds can range from light pink to intense, and at the strongest, saturation vivid.


The amount of lightness or darkness in the diamond. The range of tone extends from light to dark.

Other valuation factors

Additionally, a number of other factors play a role in influencing the diamond’s value, including the weight, cut and clarity. Its origins can also play a significant difference when it comes to investors, too. 

When it comes to pricing, a pink diamond’s origin makes a substantial difference to an investor. For example, an Argyle certified GIA Fancy Intense Pink Diamond from the Australian pink diamond mine will fetch a minimum 50% premium over a Fancy Intense Pink Diamond with the same colour and clarity from another location. However, it’s always important to have them valued by someone with the appropriate accreditation. This will help ensure that you’re paying the appropriate price when buying and not being taken advantage of when selling. 

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Investing - diamond investment

Discover your next tangible investment with Argyle Diamond Investments

Here at Argyle Diamond Investments, we can offer you an attractive and unique investment opportunity with pink diamonds. We’re local experts who have our finger on the pulse of the market and can help you buy, sell and store your pink diamonds as necessary. To find out more about buying pink diamonds or to arrange a VIP pink diamond viewing, get in touch with us today. 


Tangible assets — and by extension, investments — are physical items that an individual, collective or business owns. Some common examples include property, precious metals, precious stones and shares. With the exception of shares, they tend to be fairly stable in value, with gradual increases over time and comparatively rare dips. Although they may not yield the same high returns as more speculative investments can, they do typically tend to be considered safer investments. 

By contrast, intangible investments focus on items that are more nebulous in value. Brand names, intellectual property, licensing deals, patents and other items are still assets — particularly in terms of the income that they may be able to generate. However, they are not physical objects in the same fashion as tangible assets. They are ideas that have been commodified. 

Though both have their benefits and drawbacks, many investors prefer tangible investments as they are a physical product that is not necessarily as prone to the vagaries of the market. They can also usually be liquidated with greater ease, should it become necessary. 

Yes. Pink diamonds are a physical commodity, just like any other form of precious stone or metal. 

There are a few factors that make Argyle pink diamonds a great tangible asset. The first is that these precious stones are a well-established form of investment. But Argyle pink diamonds, in particular, have gained considerable popularity over the past twenty years or so — partially for aesthetic reasons, but also as a viable form of investment outside of more traditional forms like gold or silver. Additionally, the closure of the Argyle diamond mine in Western Australia — the leading source worldwide for pink diamonds — looks set to further raise the value of pink diamonds. 

Why invest with Argyle Diamond Investments? As longtime local experts in the industry, we’re uniquely equipped to help you buy and sell pink diamonds, as well as navigate the waters of supply and demand. We can provide you with all the analytics you need, and work with you to help you get started investing. So why not get in touch with us today?