Reselling Your Pink Diamonds

Selling your investment grade pink diamonds from Australia.

Reselling your pink diamond investment

Consider this… if you were to purchase a pink diamond at retail price from a jeweller or broker, the higher price will mean you will potentially have to hold onto your investment for twice as long to see a return profit.

Reselling Your Pink Diamond Investment

Demand is high and supply is extremely low. As per the basic rules of economics, this makes an Australian pink diamond a very sound investment. When it comes to reselling, the profit is all in the original buying price.

Purchasing from Argyle Diamond Investments Pty Ltd allows you to pay a wholesale price for your pink diamond. This is the same price a retail jeweller pays.

When it comes time to resell your investment here are the main options to consider, but keep in mind that in general you will only receive back the current market wholesale price at the time of sale.

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