What our happy clients say

Hi my name is David and I have given permission to ADI to share this.

I am a former superannuation advisor and financial planner*, and I would like to share my Argyle experience. In early 2019 I started becoming concerned about my ability to negate some of the volatility that was occurring within the share market and directly effecting my self-managed super fund. I started to look to alternative investments in order to diversify my assets. After several months of research, I purchased some gold and my first Argyle diamond, in order to secure a small proportion of the fund in hard assets. I took a small profit on the gold and continued to explore investment quality Argyle diamonds. This was when I first contacted ADI. At this stage I knew my first purchase was a good one however, if I was going to be a serious investor in this area, I need an industry relationship, not just a retailer. I.e., There is no point holding assets that may appreciate in time in an unregulated market if you have no ability to track the market, or dispose of the asset at a time of your choosing. ADI provided this at every step. Since late 2019, I have purchased 4 more Argyle diamonds at wholesale prices, including a match found for the one I already held to make up a pair. This makes up a significant proportion of my SMSF. With the mine now closed and supply gone I indicated to ADI that I was happy to sell one of my Argyles at the right price if they had a buyer. A fortnight ago ADI contacted me to see if I was still prepared to part with one of my holdings as they had had a request. ADI managed the sale and after they received my secured delivery, the money went into my SMSF the next day. Seamless. I made a significant profit, especially as I had only held the diamond for just over 18 months. I still hold my matching pair and my two larger diamonds including a blue, and will continue to do so. However, it is so good to know that when I do want to realise my capital gain, I have such a great team to help me do so.

*None of the above is financial advice general or otherwise.
David Hocking
Jackie and I would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude for all the advice and assistance you gave us regards the purchase of the Pink Diamonds for our investment portfolio. As we are reaching retirement age maximising our investments is a must. We were unsure about investing in Diamonds as we were totally unfamiliar with them. After talking to you we felt absolute confidence in making the decision to purchase. The purchase and the receival of the Diamonds was easy and trouble free thanks to your professionalism. We would highly recommend to anyone thinking of purchasing Diamonds to use you and your company Argyle Diamond Investments.
Michael Scott Taylor