Asscher Shape Diamonds

Everything you need to know about Asscher Shape Diamonds

The Asscher cut is a fresh take on pink diamonds that looks similar to emerald cuts. However, the most noticeable difference between the two is that the Asscher is more square shaped than an emerald cut, which is more rectangular.

This particular cut features a high crown with large facets. This helps produce a particular brilliance that is unlike any other cut for a diamond in the market. In fact, most of the diamond experts tend to point to the shine and sparkle seen with the Asscher diamond. It looks like an endless hallway of beautiful reflective mirrors. 

Even though this pink diamond cut is known for its square shape, the diamond cut is somewhat octagonal in shape since all of its four corners have been cropped. However, you might not notice the cropped corners once it has been mounted over the four-prong based setting. 

History of Asscher Cut Diamonds

Even though the Asscher cut pink diamonds were introduced for the very first time in 1902, this cut didn’t actually attain popularity until the start of the 1920s. This particular cut was actually brought into the market by the popular Asscher Brothers from the Asscher Diamond Company, located in Holland.

Types of Asscher Cut Pink Diamonds

When it comes to Asscher cut pink diamonds, there are two variants, Standard and Royal.

The original design for the Asscher cut comes with 58 facets. On the other hand, the Royal variant comes with 74 facets and a high crown. However, the modern variant of square-cut emerald, as well as original Asscher, comes with 58 facets. 

The clarity of Asscher Cut Pink Diamonds

When it comes to clarity, the Asscher and Emerald cuts can easily be distinguished from other cuts available in the market. Other cuts available in the pink diamond market fall under the Brilliant cut category, which chops up all the outgoing as well as incoming light given. This is due to the fact that there is a unique faceting for each shape. However, when talking about the Asscher shape, they come in step cuts. They come with no sparkly or fiery hue. Their original beauty comes from the reflection of light through a sharp and clean gemstone. 

Depth for Pink Asscher Cut Diamonds

If you want to purchase a pink diamond with the Asscher cut, you want to seek a depth percentage ranging somewhere around 60-68%. Generally, a lower depth percentage brings about better value for your diamonds. Depth has a powerful impact on the amount of light that is refracted within the diamond. 

Asscher cuts don’t need the build-up depth for maintenance of brilliance, so you can go with the lowest possible value with regards to depth. With this cut, a shallow depth means that your diamond will look particularly larger. 

Recommended Aspects for Asscher Cut Diamonds

How to buy the best Asscher Cut Pink Diamonds?

Now, when purchasing Asscher-shaped pink diamonds, make sure you opt for VS2 clarity to get the best value. In most cases, the SI1 and SI2 grades aren’t recommended for diamonds that are in step cuts like Emerald cuts or Asscher cuts. The cutwork in step cuts isn’t actually meant for brilliance. That is why there is no light breakup that can hide inclusions. So, it is always advised that you go with diamonds that are clean to the eye. Also, it is recommended that you choose a reliable pink diamond investment service provider. At Argyle Diamond Investments, we ensure that you get your hands on the best pink diamonds with Asscher cut. So, start investing today!