Our Business Model

Since the inception of our business, Argyle Diamond Investments Pty Ltd has always maintained a close business relationship with all major Argyle partners. We pride ourselves on having the largest and most desirable inventory of Argyle certified diamonds available at the most competitive prices.

Our close working relationship with all major Argyle partners meant that each time an allocation was released from the mine, we had the first selection of diamonds, guaranteeing our clients the rarest and finest quality stock that was available.

Argyle Diamond Investments exclusively sells premium Argyle certified diamonds at trade prices to investors, meaning profitable financial growth could be achieved at a faster rate than compared with a retail priced diamond.

Now the Argyle mine has closed, the supply chain for Argyle diamonds has come to a halt. With only very limited releases left in 2022 and no releases from 2023 onwards, Argyle Diamond Investments are now reselling diamonds on the behalf of investors in addition to offering our own premium stock.

Reselling Argyle Certified Diamonds for ADI Clients

Clients who purchased an Argyle diamond from ADI will automatically receive the PLATINUM-class customer Brokerage/Care Package. Purchasing a diamond with ADI means you benefit from:

  • Discounted commission rate when reselling
  • Discounted administration fees
  • Discounted rarity reports
  • Priority Resale Guarantee
  • Complimentary updated valuations
  • Discounted security storage & insurance rate
  • Industry health checks

What is the “priority guarantee”?

Clients who have purchased a diamond with us benefit from the priority guarantee. If one of our own clients wishes to sell a diamond, they receive first listing priority. For example, if several diamonds are similar in size and quality, our clients’ diamonds will be offered first.

We will always list our clients’ diamonds when they wish to sell their investment. Clients who have purchased a diamond from another business wishing to sell through ADI may be placed on a waiting list depending on stock availability and will receive the GOLD-class customer service package.(See GOLD-class brokerage package details)

What Kinds of Diamonds will ADI Broker?

We will only broker Argyle certified pink, blue and red diamonds.

These diamonds must have:

  • A unique Argyle ID
  • Argyle laser inscription numbers on the diamond
  • Official Argyle issued certificate

Additionally, the diamond will need to be within the1 to 6 Pink (P) Purplish Pink (PP) and Pink Rose (PR) colour range.

Gold-Class Brokerage Package

Platinum-Class Brokerage/ Care Package

Clients who purchased with Argyle Diamond Investments automatically receive the Platinum-Class Brokerage & Customer Care package. Clients who purchased their diamond from another vendor, but wish to sell via Argyle Diamond Investments receive the Gold-Class Brokerage package.

If you have purchased a diamond from else where and looking for a current market price valuation, we can have valuations completed on your behalf for a fee, for more information.