Investing in Rare Pink Diamonds

Invest confidently in the rarest and most valuable Australian pink diamonds.

Why invest in Pink Diamonds?

Maximise your Financial Return! There are “numerous key factors” to consider when purchasing a pink diamond investment for a maximum financial return. The first and most crucial part of investing is to pay the same price as a jeweller would (wholesale) and not their inflated retail price. As predominately the return sale of your diamond investment will be at wholesale price, through an auction-house or retail jeweller.

FACT vs. Motivated Misdirection

Australian Certification vs. No Australian Certification (GIA only)

Lets takes a close look at why Australian certified pink diamonds are growing in value at an astonishing rate and why pink diamonds without the Australian certification have stagnated in value. When it comes to the financial growth of a natural pink diamond, all statistics you read originate from a company called the “Fancy Color Research Foundation” (FCRF). This highly reputable organization tracks the international market behaviour and changes of the wholesale buying price of non-Australian certified pink diamonds from 1.00ct plus in size. The index is an objective tool, based on exclusive data and refined real time information supplied by independent industry leaders. According to the FCRF, natural pink diamonds without Australian certification have only increased in value by a mere 1% in the past five years and that 1% growth happened in 2019. This statistic is highly significant when compared to the 18.6% average increase in value of an Australian certified diamond in the last 12 months, thus being no surprise that these pink diamonds are the preferred choice as a tangible investment.  

Investing - diamond investment

The closure this year of the Australian diamond mine forecast to dramatically increase Pink Diamond prices.

Rio Tinto

Diamond Attributes

The three attributes, which determine the colour grade of a Pink Diamond, are:


The dominant colour of the diamond. Sometimes there are modifying colour or tints that affect hue. For example, a diamond with a pink hue may have a purplish tint.


The strength in the pink of the hue. Hue saturation in pink diamonds can range from light pink to intense, and at the strongest, saturation vivid.


The amount of lightness or darkness in the diamond. The range of tone extends from light to dark.

Pink Diamond Origin

When it comes to pricing, a Pink Diamonds origin makes a substantial difference to an investor. For example, a GIA Fancy Intense Pink Diamond from the Australian pink diamond mine will fetch a 30% premium over a Fancy Intense Pink Diamond with the same colour and clarity from another location. (Christie’s Auctions)

Australia 90%
Investing - diamond investment