Trilliant Shape Diamonds

All the important details on trillion cut diamonds and why they might just be the best choice for you!

Developed to yield better returns from rough gemstones, the trilliant cut was introduced by the Asscher brothers of Amsterdam. Later patented in 1962 by the Henry Meyer Diamond Company, modifications to the original cutting style were practiced by diamond craftsmen and marketed as “trillion” or “trillian” cuts.

They might not be as popular when compared to their round counterparts, but they are certainly unique. This shape is beautiful precisely due to its unusual nature and breathtaking shimmer.

In general, the trillion shaped pink diamonds are considered to be accent stones that are placed at the piece’s centre or the ensemble’s main stone. The trilliant shape comes with 50 facets, giving off extraordinary brilliance.

Trillion Cut Diamonds Look Bigger

If you are hunting for large pink diamonds, you should definitely go for the trilliant cuts. This is because trillion cut diamonds tend to look larger than they actually are. This diamond cut is created with a shallow cut, but a larger width. So, if you love a larger size when it comes to picking a pink diamond, this cut is generally preferable. However, one thing you need to keep in mind is the fact that trilliant cut diamonds are extremely shallow. This means that while the  diamond will look big, you might have to sacrifice a bit in terms of brilliance. That being said, the trade off doesn’t mean much for the overall stunning effect.

Length/Width Ratio for Trilliant Cut Diamond

The perfect proportion for your trilliant cut diamond should be 1:1 for the length and width factor. This helps maximise the overall appearance of your stone’s existing carat weight. There are many diamond hunters that look for diamonds that tend to be slightly wider or longer in nature. Regardless of its precise proportion, your choice for the best trilliant cut diamonds needs to be of the highest quality. This is because the sharp corners present in the trilliant cut diamonds can particularly highlight the colour imperfections in the diamond, as well as possibly magnifying the inclusions and flaws.

Design Ideas for Trilliant Cut Diamonds

When it comes to design ideas, you can opt for two different ways of incorporating this unique cut. It can either be used as the accent stones or centre stone. When used as the centre stone, the trilliant cut pink diamond needs to be held tightly within the prongs. This helps protect the delicate pointed ends of the diamond in a better way. One can also opt for the classic bezel setting.

When being used as the accent stones, they pair best with other shapes such as radiant, marquise, or the princess shapes. Most buyers opt for trilliant shapes as accent stones because they nestle fairly close to your centre stone. They come with a distinctive edge that tends to taper all the way down to the band of the ring you place it on.

Why should you buy Trilliant Cut Diamonds?

One of the best benefits of opting for the trilliant shaped diamonds is that it can hide the inclusions present within the stone better than some other cuts. This means you can easily choose those that present themselves in the lower grading system without losing out on a beautiful diamond. You can save a lot in terms of money while still getting the perfect trilliant cut diamond. When purchasing the stone, the crucial factor that you need to keep in mind is that the depth of the diamond should be perfect. The depth of the diamond can play a major role in terms of appearance. You can also get a large trillion diamond for investment at affordable prices at Argyle Diamond Investments. Our pink diamonds come straight from the famous Diamond Mine in Western Australia. So get in contact and make the best investment decision with us!

Trilliant Shape Diamond - Pink