Diamond Storage Vaults & Insurance

Storage of investment grade, natural pink diamonds.

Safely Storing Your Pink Diamonds

Ensure your diamonds are stored safely and securely at all times. Protect your investment with diamond vaults or safe deposit boxes.

Direct to Vault Transfer

For your utmost convenience and security, Argyle Diamond Investments Pty Ltd will arrange for the transfer of your rare coloured diamond to the vault. There, it will be held in custody until you arrive, sign the necessary paperwork, and transfer it to the safety deposit box yourself. If you opt not to do the deposit in person, you can authorise Argyle Diamond Investments Pty Ltd to deposit the diamond on your behalf at no extra cost.

Fully Insured

Properly insured diamonds should be treated like any asset that you value and want to protect against the loss or theft of.

You Own Your Safety Deposit Box

You will have full private ownership of your safety deposit box. Only you and those you authorise can access it at any given time

Upon opening your safety deposit box, our diamond storage partner can issue a liability cover certificate in your name corresponding to the nominated value of your diamond investment that’s under their care.

Highly Secure Australian Pink
Diamond Storage Vaults

Diamond Storage Vaults And Insurance - Argyle Diamond Investments

Reserve Vault

Reserve Vault specialises in storing hard assets, be that precious metals bullion, fine art or collectibles. Diamonds and precious gems are certainly one of the oldest forms of hard assets there are and as such deserve the best of secure care.

The inherent beauty of a hard asset is there is no counter party risk, they are no one’s liability. It begs the question then, why introduce the risk of storing these in a financial institution?

Reserve Vault is an independent facility that provides nothing but secure storage. Title to your precious stones or metal remains unambiguously in your name.

Downloadable PDFs : Price List : Insurance : Lease Agreement : Terms and Conditions

Diamond Storage Vaults And Insurance - Argyle Diamond Investments

Fortis Vaults

Fortis Vaults has a selection of safety deposit boxes for rent to securely store your jewellery and valuables. With burglary on the rise, leaving your valuables at home is no longer a viable option.

At Fortis Vaults, you can secure your most valuable possessions at a world-class high security storage facility, where biometric hand scanning and facial recognition is used as a personal identification check.

Fortis Vaults is conveniently located in Melbourne’s CBD, you have the flexibility of accessing your safety deposit during their trading hours:

Monday to Friday 9.00am–5.00pm, and the 1st & 3rd Saturday of every month between 10am–2pm.

Learn more about Fortis Vaults here.

Diamond Storage Vaults And Insurance - Argyle Diamond Investments

Custodian Vaults

Independent of the Australian banking system, Custodian Vaults offers state-of-the-art facilities with 24-hour physical monitoring, bio-metric security and access 6 days per week. We have engaged the most professional experts with decades of experience in secure storage.

Custodian Vaults personal safety deposit boxes are available in a range of sizes designed to hold weights of up to 240 kilograms and are customised to meet the most stringent security requirements. A host of membership privileges accompany securing a personal safety deposit box, including a unique set of value-added services for those requiring the purchase, sale and storage of bullion.

Whether you wish to safely secure your bullion, important documents, data, precious jewellery and other valuables, you can place trust in our complete confidentiality, maximum security and full insurance coverage backed by extensive experience and solid financial grounding.

Learn more about Custodian Vaults here.