Pink Diamonds

In the past 2 years alone, investment grade pink diamonds have increased in value by an average of 35% – Australian Pink Diamond Analytics

Ever since their arrival on the world stage, pink diamonds have thrilled, seduced and inspired connoisseurs from around the world. Being the rarest and most valuable natural commodity on earth.

To own a natural pink diamond is to experience a sense of timelessness cradled in the palm of your hand.

– Harry Winston

Pink Diamonds Origin

The story of the pink diamond is almost as captivating as the rare gem itself. Across the breadth of 1.6 billion years, on a journey from the Earth’s centre, the most intriguing diamond in history emerges, with an exquisite beauty that is both regal and mesmerizing. The Australian pink diamond’s spectacular outback origin can be seen in this marvel that depicts every shade of the desert sunset, from a cherry blossom pink, a soft rose, an alluring violet to a dramatic red.

Argyle Diamond Investments - pink diamonds, australian pink diamonds, argyle diamonds, investment diamonds
Argyle Diamond Investments - pink diamonds, australian pink diamonds, argyle diamonds, investment diamonds

When investing in Argyle pink diamonds, or more importantly, looking specifically at Argyle pink diamonds for sale, it’s essential to understand more than just the different hues, saturation and tones. When you think of buying pink diamonds, perhaps you envision an ornament or a custom piece for your loved one, whether it’s earrings, an engagement ring or a bracelet. But in reality, buying pink diamonds in Australia makes for the perfect opportunity to diversify your portfolio and invest in your future. 

Argyle pink diamonds for sale are not as commonly sought after as white diamonds, but at Argyle Diamond Investments, we sell argyle pink diamonds that are locally sourced in Western Australia with various colours, cuts, carat sizes and clarity. 

Argyle Diamond Investments - pink diamonds, australian pink diamonds, argyle diamonds, investment diamonds

Brilliant Shape

Investment Pink Diamonds

Just like in the white diamond world, a round brilliant shape will always sell for a premium over a traditional or modified fancy shape. This is because of their additional cutting wastage. Logically, most people think that a round cut is the best option to invest in, and this concept is an interesting one as ADI has found over the past 11 years that round pink diamonds up to 0.39ct in size will always be a fantastic investment but round pink diamonds larger than 0.50ct will generally return a lower profit margin due to the initial higher purchase price. There are also fewer buyers at the top end of the pink diamond price market.

Argyle Diamond Investments - pink diamonds, australian pink diamonds, argyle diamonds, investment diamonds

Fancy Shape

Investment Pink Diamonds

This may at first look interesting, and will generally sell at a discount over a round brilliant or traditional fancy shape. However, when it comes to profit building, regardless of how nice the colour appears, these should be avoided. When it comes time to sell the pink diamond, potential buyers will be so few that you may have to sell at a heavy discount. The majority of pink diamond investors will not step too far away from what is considered an established investment.

Traditional Fancy Shape Argyle Diamond Investments - pink diamonds, australian pink diamonds, argyle diamonds, investment diamonds

Fancy Shape

Investment Pink Diamonds

These shapes are abundant and offer a wider selection of tones and saturations in a pink hue. Normally selling at a reduced price over an equivalent round brilliant, these are very popular with mainstream investors. For this reason alone you are more likely to return a greater profit over a round brilliant or modified fancy shape. Choosing a traditional fancy shape or round shape under 0.39ct will strengthen your buyer audience.

Rare and Luxurious Investments

Pink diamonds are recognized as extremely luxurious items. The increase in rarity together with their popularity has significantly driven pink diamond prices up. Consequently, they are often utilized as additions to investment portfolios as excellent alternative investments.

All diamonds are assessed by the same four main attributes of diamond quality: Colour, Cut, Clarity, and Carat weight. However, unlike white diamonds where the 4Cs are of the same importance, the colour of any Fancy Coloured diamond is the most significant characteristic of all.

Australian Pink Diamonds

Pink diamonds are found in a small number of diamond mines throughout the world. However, more than any other, only the Australian pink diamond mine, the Argyle, has been known as the largest source of high quality pink diamonds. In fact, the colouring of stones found from this mine is so unique that experienced diamantaires can often identify the origin of the diamond by looking closely into the stone. The pink colouring of an Australian pink diamond is so vibrant that these pink diamonds, regardless of the size, are considered excellent investments.

The benefits of buying Argyle pink diamonds

Due to the rarity of genuine pink diamonds, there are only a handful of pink diamond sources and suppliers around the world. Here in Western Australia, we source Argyle pink diamonds, which are a hot commodity, making them a valuable investment for diamond collectors, investors and stone enthusiasts. When you start looking for a particular Argyle pink diamond for sale, our team can help you choose the best investment grade pink diamond. Though there are many reasons as to why you should choose and invest in Argyle pink diamonds, there are several in particular you should consider:
  • All our pink diamonds come from the Argyle mine in Western Australia, so you can have peace of mind that your pink diamond has been ethically and locally sourced in Australia.
  • Because of the rarity of these diamonds, the Argyle pink diamonds prices will continually increase, so if you invest now, you can reap monetary benefits in the future.
  • Since the Australian pink diamond mine updated its colour grading system in 2007, there are more hues, saturations and tones to choose from. Plus, pink diamonds colour grading from the Argyle mine have a more robust hue, showcasing its rarity and unique colours.

Understanding and assessing the 4Cs

What distinguishes a good diamond? It primarily comes down to the 4Cs — colour, cut, carat size and clarity. The 4 Cs are globally accepted standards for assessing the quality of a diamond. In this instance, a pink diamond’s quality and value depend on combining all the four Cs. Let’s run through them in more detail.
  • Colour — Refers to the natural tint within a diamond. If we look at white diamonds, the more colourless they are, the higher they are in value. As for pink diamonds, we distinguish the colour by intensity grades from 1 to 9 Pink, Purplish Pink and Pink Rose with the 1 grade being the strongest and rarest saturation in the Argyle grading scale.
  • Cut — Considered the most important part of the 4Cs, the cut refers to how a pink diamond’s facets interact with natural light. This is determined by symmetry, proportion and diamond polish. In essence, the cut determines the beauty of the stone and adds value to the final pink diamond price. Plus, there are several cuts of pink diamonds.
  • Carat — A pink diamond carat determines the weight of the diamond, which is something new diamond investors may tend to overlook. And size is just as important as the colour.
  • Clarity — This measures the purity and rarity of the diamond stone and can be categorised for pink diamonds with ten different clarity grades. In essence, clarity refers to the imperfections and subtle marks on a stone. With the least and most minor inclusions, your pink diamond will attain the highest grades in terms of clarity.

Pink Diamond Jewellery

Even with the relatively high prices of pink diamonds, as a result of their exquisite colours, they are often used in various designs of colour diamond jewellery such as pink diamond engagement rings, pink diamond earrings, and pink diamond pendants.

Natural pink diamonds have always been seen among the very rich and famous. Even today, many of the Hollywood stars adorn themselves with the most glamorous pieces of pink diamond jewellery. Just some of the more famous examples include Ben Affleck, who presented an unbelievably gorgeous 6.00 carat pink diamond ring to Jennifer Lopez. Mariah Carey’s diamond engagement ring contains a 10.02 carat pink emerald cut diamond; and Penelope Ann Miller was happy to show off her 3.00 carat radiant cut pink diamond ring at the 2012 Academy Awards.


If you’re considering looking at Argyle pink diamond investment options, then our team at Argyle Diamond Investments can help you create a diverse portfolio with your first pink diamond purchase. Argyle pink diamonds are a great investment opportunity as the current demand for rare coloured pink diamonds far outweighs the global supply.

With 90% of the world’s supply of pink diamonds coming directly from the Argyle pink diamond mine in Western Australia, you could say that Argyle pink diamonds supplies are running low, and with the Argyle pink diamond mine closed, this will make a certified Argyle pink diamond the ultimate limited edition. If you’re looking to invest and buy pink diamonds, you can even book a VIP viewing of Argyle pink diamonds with our experienced GIA and GAA accredited pink diamond experts. They’ll be able to guide you through the process of investing in a pink diamond.

This is a question that has puzzled both geologists and diamond collectors alike. They’ve come up with some theories that the colour may result from some kind of seismic shock that alters the stone’s molecular structure. It’s also believed it has something to do with the shape of the crystal lattice that reflects the pink stone colour.

The price can vary depending on the colour, cut, carat and clarity of the pink diamond. Remember that with pink diamonds, the size matters just as much as the colour. To get more information on the prices of our pink diamonds, contact our team on 02 4927 0000 or email us at

If you’re looking to sell your pink diamonds, you can book an appointment with our pink diamond gemologists at our Newcastle office today. We’re Australia’s largest selling platform, as we’re the only pink diamond company that can resell your pink diamonds promptly, so contact us today.