Pink Diamonds: Size Matters

The size of a natural pink diamond is as important as the colour!

When investing in an Australian Certified Pink Diamond, size is as important as colour!

When purchasing a pink diamond from the Argyle mine, statistically, most people fall into three classifications, the investor, the collector and the jewellery connoisseur. Regrettably, a great deal of people that are looking for a premium investment pink diamond are being misled into buying a collectable or low return pink diamond instead.

Pink Diamond Size Matters when Investing in Pink Diamonds

In this article we will explain what the differences are between the classes and what the likely future secondary market demands will be.

PREMIUM INVESTMENT SIZE: 0.20ct or larger in size

A premium Argyle investment pink diamond is commonly referred to as being “substantial and rare”. These quality larger sized, low volume pink diamonds will always remain calm through market volatility because of their strong demand from the Australian, Asian and American jewellery / investment markets. Statistically only 9.66% of all certified Pink Diamonds from the Argyle mine are 0.20ct or larger in size. They are considered substantial enough to be set into single stone bespoke jewellery and over time up to 50% of these already rare diamonds will be set into family heirlooms, disappearing off the global market for decades. Making them even more rare by volume. In the final 2021 Argyle Signature Tender, the smallest diamond being released is 0.76ct. Argyle have put a huge preference on size over colour.

Another interesting fact is that the Argyle diamond mine predominantly only polish in Australia pink diamonds that will yield a weight of 0.20ct or larger, exporting the majority of the rest to India to be polished. Making the 0.20ct plus weight group the only truly 100% Australian mined, cut, polished and certified pink diamonds.

INVESTMENT SIZE: 0.08ct to 0.19ct in size

These pink diamonds fall in the category of being on the boarder of a premium investment and standard investment. Statistically 90.34% of all pink diamonds from the Argyle mine fall in the 0.01ct to 0.19ct weight group. Therefore, the secondary market price for these pink diamonds will purely be based on the volume available on the market at any one time. When considering this weight group as an investment it is highly recommended to only consider the stronger colour saturations. They may also take additional time to liquidate because of the higher numbers available on the market, making them a longer-term investment option.


Small Argyle pink diamonds are commonly referred to as jewellery garnishing. This weight category should predominantly be for bespoke Jewellery and the collectable market. The investment growth of these diamonds will be much lower than the larger sized pinks, but will still have a steady growth because of their lower entry level price bracket.