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Now it’s time to sell your investment, Argyle Diamond Investments Pty Ltd have Australian largest selling platform, being the only pink diamond company that have the capacity to resell your diamond in a prompt timeframe. 

Pink Diamond Carat Weight

Pink diamonds sized can be measured in carat weight rather than their size.  

Pink Diamond Clarity

Diamonds are produced deep in the Earth and undergo extreme heat and pressure. As a result, diamonds are bound to have imperfections.  Diamond clarity is a method used to help identify any impressions on a stones surface as well as the internal segments. 

There are a range of clarity grades when it comes to pink diamonds.  

Sell Pink Diamonds - pink diamond

Pink Diamond Colours

It can take millions of years for a pink diamond to form. It will remain trapped in a state of intense heat and severe compression during the formation process, which allows only pink light to penetrate and emit from the resulting diamond.

Pink diamonds exist in a variety of colours, beyond the traditional white.  Pink diamonds can often be refereed to as “fancy diamonds”.  The larger the size and the intense the pink colour the more valuable the diamond will be.

Pink Diamond Shapes and Cut

Different shapes commands different prices.  Round-shaped and marquise shaped diamonds are the most expensive, with oval shaped diamonds, pear shaped diamonds, and heart cut diamonds following next. The least expensive diamonds are cushion shaped, emerald shaped, and Asscher shaped diamonds. 

How much is my pink diamond worth?

Australian Pink Diamond Analytics valuation report is the worlds only standardised valuation systems that accurately appraise the correct value of any pink or blue diamond from the Australian pink diamond mine. By using the unique Australian pink diamond inscription number accompanied with the international grading report (GIA – GSL – IGI) the   mathematical program precisely calculates the current market value.

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Sell Pink Diamonds - pink diamond

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