7PP Purplish Pink Diamonds

Everything you need to know about 7PP Purplish Pink Diamonds

There are many reasons why buying a 7PP purplish pink diamond is an attractive option in the current market. Even in these uncertain times, diamonds are a highly valued thing you can buy to safeguard your investment portfolio. Instead of gold, bank savings and other types of investments, you can place a part of your wealth into diamonds and proudly wear your wealth. The question you should ask is – what is the best way to carry your diamonds as your investments. 

Why would you invest in diamonds?

Diamonds are relatively small stones that can have enormous value. It is the reason why many opt to invest their money in diamonds for ease of transport and security. Money invested in other types of commodities has an ongoing risk of devaluation, especially with the unstable ebb and flow of market prices, not to mention inflation. Diamonds are commodities with a relatively stable value, which an investor can readily liquidate even in times of unrest.

Valuable commodities such as gold, silver and precious stones have the unique characteristic that during times of distress, their value increases. It is for this reason that investing in diamonds is one of the best options available, especially if you want to spend your money on something that is relatively free from market influences. Pink and purplish pink diamonds are some of the rarest types of diamonds, and their value continues to increase. There is a good chance that if you wait another year, the diamond you looked at today will have risen in value a few times over.

An abstract meaning of purplish pink diamonds

A purplish pink diamond gains its value not only because of the scarcity of these stones but also from how people regard these kinds of rocks. People may have an emotional reaction to purplish pink diamonds depending on cultural and traditional values. The soft purple tint in these pink coloured diamonds may for some evoke a sense of spirituality and a sense of freedom. For others, the historical connection of purple to royalty and clergy symbolizes regality, wealth and power. It is why these stones incur the awe of people for these gemstones. 

In contemporary times, purplish pink diamonds have cultivated a new audience for its novelty and an increasing demand for something new. The overwhelming dominance of brilliant, bright colourless diamonds in the market increased the appeal for fancy coloured diamonds, a thirst purplish pink diamonds quench.

Purplish pink diamonds and love

Today, diamonds and engagement rings go together like love and marriage so announcing one’s undying love has become synonymous with valuable diamond rings. This custom of using diamonds for engagement rings began during the Middle Ages, where members of royalty exchanged trinkets of value with their betrothed. Soon other classes of people embraced this oath of trust and stability, and now, the engagement ring maintains a symbolism to the promise of love to someone. 

Putting your 7PP diamond on display

If you want to see your diamonds regularly, you might decide to mount it in jewellery. With a sound design your new purplish pink diamond jewellery becomes an heirloom, which can easily be passed down through your successors. This choice allows you to trot your investment out at special occasions, anniversaries and formal events. Others may set the diamond into a ring and give it to a loved one or even wear it themselves. In most cases, diamonds are set in necklaces or rings, however, in recent years you will find 7PP purplish pink diamonds gracing other forms of artwork such as precious metal coins and ornaments.

Tips on how to store your 7PP diamond

Whether you have decided to invest your money in a diamond or many diamonds, the next thing you want to do is secure and store it properly. Diamonds, relative to bars of gold, are small, so it is relatively easy to hide away discreetly, but just as easy to lose if due care is not taken seriously.

Diamonds are small enough that you can store them in a safe and secure place. You seldom need a lot of security if you store this inside your home as a reliable safe would get the job done. Alternatively, you may feel more at ease if you store your valuable purplish pink diamonds in a safety deposit box at your local bank. You may even weigh up the cost of renting a drawer in a security company’s vault and find your peace of mind is worth the expense.


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