1PP Purplish Pink Diamonds

Everything you need to know about 1PP Purplish Pink Diamonds

The price of pink diamonds has exponentially increased over the last 20 years. They are stable and highly valuable assets that continuously yield guaranteed returns. Their primary source, the Argyle mine, closed its doors last November 2020. There is no doubt that their value will increase even more.

In this article, let’s talk about a shade of pink diamond that’s been getting a lot of buzz: the purplish pink or 1PP diamonds.

Pink diamonds can have a secondary colour.

The pink diamond’s shade is evaluated based on its strength and intensity of colour. Aside from its main hue, it can also have a secondary overtone or colour such as brown or purple.

The established grading system set by the GIA for coloured diamonds is limited for differentiating Argyle pink diamonds. Normally, the diamonds are graded using the following terms:

This prompted Argyle to divide pink production into four separate classes in order of rarity:

In each class, the diamonds are further graded based on the strength of the colour. The deepest colour has a rating of 1, while the lightest has a rating of 9. The PC class only has 3 strength ratings: 1 to 3.

With the method above, a 1PP Purplish Pink diamond has the strongest colour and is also the rarest. Those who are fortunate enough to own one of these gemstones can expect a massive return of investment. 

For example, a rare purple-pink diamond was bought for $26.6 million in an auction house in Geneva last November 2020. The stone is 14.83 carats and was named “The Spirit of the Rose”. It is now the priciest purple-pink diamond ever sold in an auction.

Purplish pink diamonds: in focus

Secondary colours of diamonds are not just composed of standard colours like orange, red, green blue, or purple. These include shades of every colour that are categorised by “y” or “ish”. It is for this reason that one of the secondary colours of a pink diamond is “purplish”.

Purplish is not the same as purple. The colour is not seen as vividly as compared to a purple diamond. In summary, the combinations of the purple colour to a pink diamond can be “purplish pink” or “purple pink”.

Purplish pink diamond shapes

Purplish pink diamonds can have several shapes. However, investors prefer them in radiant or cushion shape. These shapes maximise the visibility of the colours. Other common forms include oval, round, heart, pear, marquise, and emerald. These can also be cut into Asscher and princess shapes.

How much does a purplish pink diamond cost?

High-quality pink diamonds are the priciest natural diamond colour in the market today. Since these are rare gemstones, it’s no longer surprising that the prices will make your jaw drop. For fancy coloured diamonds, the colour is directly correlated to their value.

The price of pink diamonds hugely varies. It can start from at $10,000 each carat for a less intense pink diamond piece. It can also go as high as almost $500,000 just like this 0.71-carat Fancy Vivid Purplish Pink diamond.

The increase from Fancy Intense Pink to Fancy Vivid Pink has a big price difference. A 0.59-Carat Fancy Intense Purplish Pink Round Diamond is around $59,000. A 0.58-Carat Fancy Vivid Purplish Pink Round Diamond is approximately $174,000. In most situations, the price increase from intense to vivid is severe.

How does a purplish pink diamond get its colour?

The diamonds normally get their colour from minerals and impurities from the soil and environment. Experts surmise that the minerals are responsible for the defining colour of the diamonds like blue or green.

Unfortunately, the intense and vivid hues observed in purplish pink diamonds still remain a mystery. The science behind this is still not certain. Some think that the pink colour is due to the refraction of light from the diamond’s misaligned carbon lattice. Other people believe that the colour is due to the pressure involved in the formation of the diamond.

Why are purplish pink diamonds special?

The value and exquisiteness of purplish pink diamonds are solely because of their rarity.

The colour purple has also been associated with royalty and wealth during ancient times. Only kings and people of high nobility can afford to purchase things with purple hue. The same thing is true for diamonds with a purplish-pink hue.

Purplish pink diamond breaks records in Argyle’s tender.

The Argyle Mine’s operator Rio Tinto recently held a tender to offer part of its remaining pink diamond batches. It stopped its production in November 2020 after 37 years of production. The recently concluded tender had a record-breaking result despite the global pandemic. The value of the diamonds also skyrocketed to 500% over the past two decades.

Part of the collection offered in the tender is the Argyle Eternity. It is a 2.24-carat fancy vivid purplish pink diamond. According to Rio Tinto representatives, it is the most valued diamond in the collection. It is also the priciest fancy vivid pink diamond in 37 years of tender history.

The successful bidder of the Argyle Eternity is Hong Kong-based Kunming Diamonds. Participants were able to view the stones via live streaming and virtual portals in Singapore and Australia. They don’t have plans for the rare diamond yet. One possibility is to put it in a museum or art gallery to be admired by collectors and connoisseurs.

Rio Tinto is expected to conduct its final pink diamonds tender in 2021.

Buy authentic purplish pink diamonds with Argyle Diamond Investments.

The 1PP Purplish pink diamond is the hardest to come by in the market. It is no wonder that it is also the priciest. Many people are trying to acquire these gemstones. However, some take advantage by tricking buyers with synthetic pink diamonds or fake ones.

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