9P Pink Diamonds

What you need to know about 9P pink diamonds and which factors you need to focus on when buying one

Purchasing the right pink diamond can be a difficult task. However, the task can get even more arduous when it comes to selecting the right shade or colour grade. The 9P pink diamonds rank at the lowest end of the pink diamond colour grading system. They are essentially white diamonds with a pale pinkish hue that might or might not reflect properly depending on the cut you have opted for. Given the fact that  pink diamonds are pricier than regular diamonds, you might want to consider all possible factors before investing.

What should you check before purchasing 9P Pink diamonds?

Since we know that the 9P pink diamonds look fairly similar to the white/colourless ones, you should definitely ask for a colour certification from your dealer. Do not purchase your diamond from a seller that doesn’t provide a grading report.

Another aspect you need to check before purchasing 9P pink diamonds is that they should have minimal inclusions. This is due to the fact that lighter colour shades are known to show the blemishes or inclusions more easily when compared with the ones with a deeper colour.

However, you can make up for this by opting for a cut that enhances the colour and brilliance of your 9P pink diamond.

What is the best use for a 9P pink diamond?

If you are planning to use your 9P pink diamond for your engagement ring or any other jewellery, you can use it as a centre stone. The plus factor about 9P pink diamonds is they’re more affordable than 1P pink diamonds, so you can purchase a bigger stone and use it as a centrepiece with the white/colourless diamonds as the accents to the combination.

Having your 9P pink diamond paired with colourless diamonds helps to highlight the colour of the 9P diamond. You can also use it as a solo stone for pendants – however, when using it as a solo pendant you need to make sure that the stone is free from any visible blemishes or inclusions that might distort the beauty of your jewellery.

Higher Carat Size with 9P Pink Diamonds

Given the fact that the 9P pink diamonds are available at a more affordable price when compared to its family on the higher end of the grading system, you can opt for a bigger stone. You can get the best of both worlds by opting for a brilliant-cut for your diamond that enhances its existing hue while hiding any blemish or inclusions. Keep in mind that the bigger your stone, the higher the chances of inclusions. So, make sure you buy only from a trusted seller of pink diamonds.

There is no set formula for the cost for the 9P pink diamond with regards to the size. However, the price could be lowered if the issues within the diamond can be made invisible to the naked eyes.

What clarity should you choose for the 9P Pink diamonds?

When picking the 9P Pink diamonds, the best clarity would certainly be the FL (Flawless) or IF (Internally Flawless), though practically speaking finding a pink diamond with FL or IF clarity is very rare. So, you can also go for the diamonds that are categorized under the VVS1/VVS2 (Very Very Slightly Included), VS1/VS2 (Very Slightly Included), or the SI1/SI2 (Slight Included) categories.

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