8P Pink Diamonds

Everything you need to know about 8P pink diamonds and how to choose the perfect one for you

The 8P pink diamonds boast a very light shade of pink, which leans towards the colourless end of the  spectrum. If you have plans to purchase an 8P pink diamond for investment purposes, make sure you get a certified Argyle pink diamond.

Most shady service providers tend to sell off the 9P pink diamonds as 8P and fail to provide any authentic certification for the grade. Given the fact that the 8P pink diamond has a faint shade of pink, it will still qualify as a coloured diamond and fetch you a good price on the market when you choose to sell.

You can compare the difference in the pricing by asking for the price of a colourless or white diamond and the 8P pink diamond. The margin is always higher for the 8P diamond.

Which cut fits the 8P pink diamond perfectly?

The way your 8P pink diamond reflects light will determine how much it is valued at, and therefore it’s worth as an investment. The thing that you need to remember here is that the cut-type isn’t the sole determinant of the value of your 8P diamond. However, it definitely plays a major role when seeking out the perfect coloured diamond.

The key is to check for the overall appeal that comes from a certain pink diamond. Each diamond is unique and an overall assessment will play into the final value. The categorisation factor is just introduced for the smooth flow of the purchase or the investment process. In other words, something that is pleasing to the eye will naturally demand a higher market price. However, if you are finding the buying process  a little convoluted, here are csome important factors that you need to keep in mind:

Should I purchase an 8P Pink diamond?

Depending on your personal taste, your choice for pink diamonds can vary widely. If you are someone who is looking just for the colour, 8P pink diamonds might not be the best bet for you. However, if you are someone in need of the perfect coloured diamond that fetches an amazing price, you can definitley choose to go with 8P pink diamonds. Make sure you check for several aspects such as cut, clarity, source, and so on to get your hands on the best quality 8P pink diamonds.

The 8P pink diamonds are a great, budget-friendly investment option for diamond lovers.