5P Pink Diamonds

Understanding 5P Pink Diamond Formation

The 5P pink diamond falls under the fancy intense diamond category. A 5P pink diamonds boasts an amazing soothing hue that is the perfect mix of white and pink colour. When talking about the coloured diamonds, the blue diamond derives its colour from boron, while the yellow ones derive their colour from nitrogen. However, the pink hue in diamonds is not due to any compound. Some studies revealed that it is due to intense pressure and heat of the earth, but there is no proper explanation for the same. The secret to the colour of the pink diamond is still a mystery. 

Which is better – a 5P or 4P pink diamond?

All pink diamonds are graded using the Argyle Grading Scale depending on their clarity and colour. If the basis of comparison is purely colour, the 4P pink diamond ranks higher on the grading scale as opposed to the 5P pink diamond. This doesn’t mean that a 5P pink diamond is any less appealing. 5P pink diamonds have a beautifully balanced colour with an even balance of white and pink hues. While some buyers prefer the perfectly balanced shade that comes with 5P diamonds, others prefer a darker hue.

However, if you are looking for an overall winner, it will depend on various other factors, including the diamond colour, cut, clarity, source, setting, and so on. The way your diamond reflects the light falling upon it also matters a lot. If a 5P diamond is cut to reflect the light perfectly, it is a much better investment that other graded pink diamonds.  

Can a 5P pink diamond be used in an engagement ring?

Most buyers that seek out 5P pink diamonds are generally looking for an investment opportunity. However, if you are one for aesthetics, you can go with a 5P pink diamond for a stunning, bespoke jewellery piece. Keep in mind that pink diamonds look their best when set as the centre stone with white diamonds as its accents, however this is open to personal preference and interpretation.

But, if you are not pairing the pink diamond with any other colour, you need to look for any visible inclusions that could be present within. Given the fact that a 5P pink diamond has a lighter hue as compared to a 4P diamond or any others in the higher rank, the inclusions are particularly visible. So, make sure you pick a setting and cut that does not intensify the inclusions present within. 

In such cases where a 5P pink diamond may contain inclusions, you may opt for a higher clarity diamond such as:

These three categories of 5P pink diamond clarity are perfectly suited to single stone settings. However, if you are looking for a diamond setting that will be paired with accents, you can opt for the lower clarity grades as well. Lower grade does not mean less stunning as all 5P pink diamonds, no matter the clarity, have a beautifully balanced hue.

Investing in 5P Pink Diamonds

5P pink diamonds are a beautiful inclusion to your pink diamond portfolio. Start your investment today with Argyle Diamond Investments. Our high-quality pink diamonds are mined from the Argyle Diamond Mines of Australia with colour and grade authenticity and our diamond experts can guide you through the world of pink diamond investment. Contact us today.

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