Radiant-Shaped Diamonds

Everything you need to know about Radiant-Shaped Diamonds

If you are seeking the best balance between strength and beauty, radiant-shaped diamonds can be your best bet. These diamonds are known to exhibit the perfect proportion of elegance and resilience. With a radiant-cut pink diamond, you will notice cropped corners that surround a rectangular or square shape. This creates amazing proportions that add in brilliant shine and sparkle to the diamond. It also carries a durable structure that is unmatched by any other sophisticated diamond shape. If a high-end look is what you are going for, this diamond offers you a brilliant look with no compromise on quality.

Radiant-cut Diamonds: Durability

Radiant-cut diamonds tend to offer enhanced durability, given their strategically cut corners. As compared to other shapes, this particular variant is minimally prone to catching or chipping. Among the highly notable features that come with radiant-cut diamonds is the fact that they have exceptional form brilliance and depth. This type of cut also features a hybrid variant that comes with 70 different facets as well as cropped corners. The extra facets tend to disperse more light than the standard radiant-cut.

Radiant Cut vs. Princess Cut

Radiant-cut and princess-cut pink diamonds tend to share several similarities. Both of these cuts are highly-sought for engagement rings. When comparing these two shapes, you may also note multiple differences such as cut, shape, sparkle, as well as the price. While radiant-shaped diamonds tend to be either rectangle or square with some cut corners, the princess cut can be found mostly in a square shape with sharpened edges. The princess cut has 76 facets, while the radiant-shape has a higher stone crown with a smaller table.

Length-Width ratio: Radiant Cut Diamonds

When it comes to the length-width ratio, radiant cuts should have the magic number 1.00. Anything that is below 1.05 will appear square to the eyes. The rectangular cuts can be perfect for those who love the emerald shape with the brilliance of the round shape. Square-shaped radiants generally look quite similar to the princess cut. However, they have some cropped corners. Once it is set, a square radiant looks almost identical to the princess cut.

Colour Grading

When choosing the perfect radiant cut diamonds, most buyers generally prefer those with a tint of colour like pink or blue diamonds. Since coloured diamonds can hide the imperfections better than transparent ones. Most buyers prefer slightly warmer colour palettes. Depending on the colour differences, the better the hue, the higher the price for a radiant cut pink diamond.

How to buy the perfect Radiant Cut Diamond?

If you are looking for the perfect radiant shape diamonds for your beloved, you need to keep in mind several factors. Apart from the colour and clarity, you need to seek clean lines present in the bottom of the diamond. You will most probably notice a clear cross or star shape formed due to large facets. Anything other than this shouldn’t be your choice. You can also achieve a modern form of the crushed-ice brilliance with extra facets in the pavilion. This provides an extra reflection of light that imparts a look of crushed ice. All-in-all, if you are searching for the best pink diamonds with radiant shape, you should always seek out diamond investment service providers that are reliable and professional as well. At Argyle Diamond Investments, we provide you access to some of the top-quality pink diamonds with radiant cuts at competitive price tags.
Radiant-Shaped Diamonds - Radiant-Shaped Diamond