Marquise-Shaped Diamonds

Everything you need to know about Marquise-cut Diamonds

Known popularly as ‘Football-shaped’ or ‘Boat-shaped’  the Marquise cut for pink diamonds is a vintage cut that has been popular for quite some time. This particular cut features around 58 facets that are created in an elliptical shape, comes with sharp ends, and has been in demand for centuries. Even though it doesn’t enjoy the same acclaim as the round or princess cuts, it is traditional and enjoyed by diamond lovers. This shape elongates the fingers and makes them look great. 


This particular cut originated during the reign of King Louis XV of France, somewhere around 1745. He was the one to have commissioned the local jeweller to create a shape with a diamond that resembled his mistress’ lips. The term ‘Marquise’ refers to a hereditary position that is just above the Count and below the Duke. These diamond cuts are also known by the term ‘navette’. In French, this means ‘little ship’, given the fact that the Marquise shape looks a bit like a boat.

Cut Quality

The cut quality of a pink diamond can play a critical role when it comes to deciding the general beauty as well as the value of the diamonds. If you plan on spending the set budget on the 4C’s of purchasing the right diamond, your focus should primarily be on the cut. Even if the carat weight is decreased, a better cut should be your top priority as it enhances the appearance and beauty of the diamond.

Selecting the right pink-hued Marquise-cut diamond can be a bit tricky, given the fact that there are so many factors that need to be considered. It can be almost impossible to understand whether the diamond will be stellar or dull without actually looking closely through magnification.  

Perfect Length-Width Ratio

When considering the length-width ratio to decide the perfect pink Marquise-cut diamond, remember that your decision can be based upon personal preference. Not just that, you want a diamond that looks stunning and matches the wearer’s style.

The most popular length-width ratio for a pink Marquise-cut diamond starts at 1.70, going all the way to 2.15. This can easily be determined by dividing your diamond’s length by that of its width. For example, if your diamond has the 5mm length with a 3mm width, the ratio is 1.67, which is pretty close to ideal. Symmetry is also crucial, starting from the top to the bottom to ensure elegance and beauty for the stone. 

Tips for Buying the Perfect Marquise-cut Diamond

Pink Marquise-cut diamonds are great for a variety of jewellery items, and they are ideal for engagement rings.

Here are some things you need to keep in mind before purchasing the Marquise cut: 

Where can I buy a pink marquise cut diamond?

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Marquise-Shaped Diamonds - Marquise-Shaped Diamonds