Heart-Shaped Diamonds

Everything you need to know about Heart-shaped Diamonds

A unique and symmetrical heart-shaped diamond is a genuinely unmistakable symbol that defines love in its best form. Apart from being a representative for love, a heart-shaped diamond serves as a popular choice for solitaire pendants and rings. When picking the right heart, it is critical that you consider the symmetry of the two halves. Check out the cleft, which is located between the lobes of the diamond. Make sure it is distinct and sharp, and doesn’t just fuse through. Moreover, the wings on the sides should both possess a distinctively rounded shape. 

How to choose the perfect heart-shaped diamonds?

Diamonds that are cut into a heart shape should invest wisely as a poorly crafted shape will have less value. A heart-shaped diamond which is below a certain weight, might not be the correct choice for you. This is due to the fact that heart shapes can be rather difficult to analyse, especially the smaller ones, after they have been set into the prongs of a ring. If you still need to opt for heart shape diamonds below a reasonable size, it is better to go with the 3-prong setting or bezel setting in jewellery. This will help enhance the outline of the heart and make it more prominent.

The heart-shaped diamonds can be found with varying silhouettes, which range from narrow all the way to thick. Even though choices can vary, in general, the length-width ratio falls at approx. 1.00.

For heart-shaped diamonds that need to be embedded into the solitaire rings, buyers prefer a cut that is slightly wide-ranging from 1.05 to 1.15.

Why is the length-width ratio important?

When purchasing a heart-shaped diamond, it is critical that you look at the ratio of the length of the diamond to its width. The ideal ratio followed by most buyers is 1.00. This means the diamond has the same length as width. Diamonds ranging within the 0.90 and 1.10 range will also look fantastic.

Unless you require a specifically thin or wide diamond, it is better to avoid the diamonds that do not fall under this range.

Depth & Table

Just like all diamonds available in the market, heart-shaped diamonds come with flat tops known as tables. The overall size of this diamond table can be expressed in terms of percentage. This can have a major impact on the light entering into your diamond. Unless the depth is right, the sparkle of the stone might be affected in a negative way.

An ideal diamond should have a table of up to 56-62% of the overall width. Any number close to this also works fine. For heart-shaped diamonds, you need to seek a depth that falls between 56% and 66%. This provides your diamond with optimal fire and sparkle. 


Another important factor that comes into play when deciding on a heart-shaped diamond is the fact that symmetry counts. Achieving the perfect heart shape can be a complicated process. There are ‘n’ numbers of factors to consider. From the cleft to the sharp bottom point, everything counts.

Key Points

As mentioned, the main thing that a buyer needs to look at is the length-width ratio along with the table/depth with the perfect symmetry of both halves. The best way to pick the perfect heart-shaped diamond is to find certified sellers that provide you an HD 360-degree image of the diamond that you’re considering. This will help you judge whether these critical factors are all in place or not. One such reliable seller and investment service provider is Argyle Diamond Investments Pty Ltd. So, why wait? Pick your perfect heart-shaped diamond today straight from the Argyle Diamond Mine in Australia with the expert team at Argyle Diamond Investments Pty Ltd.

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