Cushion-Shaped Diamonds

Everything you need to know about Cushion-shaped Diamonds

Once popularly known as the Old Mine Cut, cushion-shaped pink diamonds combine the square-cut along with the rounded corners. It looks similar to your cushions, hence this name. This cut has been a part of the market for more than 200 years. Up until the start of the 20th century, this particular diamond cut had been the go-to option for diamond buyers.

The traditional variant of pink cushion-cut helps return light, with a chunkier pattern as opposed to modern cuts. When combined with enlarged culets, the traditional form of cushion cuts created a particularly distinctive look, which is known for its antique look. 

There have been several refinements to this cut since it was first introduced. This includes changes such as enlargement of the table, shrinking of the culet, as well as improvement of cut angles to cater to increased brilliance. Most buyers of cushion-shaped diamonds are generally attracted to the antique feel that comes with this cut. 

Length-Width Guide: Pink Cushion Cut Diamond

While the go-to aspect for pink cushion shaped-diamonds tends to be a square with a length-width ratio close to 1.00, they can also come in rectangular shapes. When it comes to popular choice, most buyers prefer a slightly rectangular version, which has a ratio starting from 1.10 going all the way to 1.20. 

Colour Guide: Cushion Cut Diamond

Pink cushion-cut diamonds come in two different shape variants, a rectangle or square pattern. Evaluating the colour for the diamonds can be quite subjective. However, most buyers tend to prefer warmer colours over the cooler ones. In fact, a large part of the diamond supply from the cushion cut variety comes with a hint of colour as per demand in the market. 

Cushion-Cut Diamonds: Why should you pick them?

As with regular old-diamond shaped cuts, the pink cushion cut also has a long list of pros to help you decide. Here is a list of some of the benefits of opting for cushion cuts: 

How can you pick the perfect cushion cut diamonds?

If you have been planning to purchase the perfect pink cushion cut, you need to pick the H colour grade. Unless you are planning to set the diamond in rose gold or yellow frame, you should stick to the H grade. With a rose gold or yellow frame, you could opt for the K or J grade, as well. 

It is also a popular choice among buyers. Plus, there is a significant increase in prices when it comes to colour grade. With the cushion cuts, you might have to go for higher grade clarity like the SI2 or SI1. You might end up with some extra on your bill, but the final look is totally worth it.  

Final Cut Parameters: Cushion Cut

Standard/Modified Brilliance of Cushion Cut

Modern forms of cushion cuts are divided into two main categories,  the standard and the modified version. The only significant difference between these two is rather technical and minute in nature. The overall effect on the stone’s appearance can also be fairly minimal. The one thing that differentiates these two is history. The standard versions have a cutting style that has been around for much longer as opposed to the modified cushions that are the successors to the original cut. 

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