Diamond Clarity VS1

Everything You Need to Know About VS1 Diamond Clarity

If the clarity of a diamond is your prime focus while shopping for jewellery, choosing a stone with a clarity grade between VS1 and SI2 is the best option. The VS1 grade is at the fourth position on the clarity scale and it will have minor inclusions. This particular clarity grade of diamond offers good value for your money. 

What is VS1 clarity?

Clarity is one of the ‘4Cs’ of diamonds, the four features whose qualities define a stone. VS1 is known as Very Slightly Included, and has inclusions that are not visible to the naked eye.

Since diamonds are formed deep down under the Earth’s surface under an extreme temperature of around 2,200 degrees Fahrenheit, you can’t expect them to be perfect. They are usually imperfect, containing internal inclusions and surface blemishes. The inclusions in VS1 diamonds are visible under 10x magnification. The most common equipment used for this is a standard jeweller’s loupe.

The clarity grading system used by Argyle melds the GIA and the International Clarity Scale:

The difference between VS1 and VVS diamonds

VS1 diamonds are usually considered as an alternative to FL – flawless – diamonds, but not VVS. There is a difference in the inclusions of the two categories, VS1 and VVS. When seen with a loupe, the inclusions of VVS diamonds are harder to see. Since there are hardly any visible differences between VS1 and VVS, even VS1 is spotless when seen without the use of magnification, so you might chose a VS1 diamond.

Is a VS1 diamond good for value?

A VS1 diamond is considered to be value for money as it has no visible flaws. But, if you want to invest in something of the absolute best value, then VS1 diamonds are not the right choice. You should go for other options that are eye-clean like SI1, SI2, or VS2 diamonds.

What to expect from VS1 diamonds

VS1 diamonds are normally found at the top of the ‘Very Slightly Included’ range. This range indicates that there are slightly noticeable internal flaws that can be seen under 10x magnification, but not with the naked eye. The difference between VS1 and VS2 lies in the number, size, and location of the inclusions. In the case of VS1 diamonds, the flaws are smaller, fewer, and harder to spot. These flaws are usually at the bottom half of the diamond or towards the edge; thus, making them less apparent. They don’t have any black-coloured flaws; the flaws are white and hardly noticeable.

Are VS1 diamonds eye-clean?

Looking at a VS1 from a technical point of view, not all VS1 diamonds are eye-clean. It entirely depends on which lab has done the grading and how strict the standards used were. For example, if the diamonds have been graded by a diamond seller or an in-house laboratory, then you can’t be sure of their quality.

Whenever you are shopping for diamonds, acquiring a grading report from a reputable lab is very important as it assures that you are buying the best quality product. Never fall prey to the so-called “deals” where the quality is in question, you would be handed over some dubious certification.

Trust the best

If your main concern is clarity, you need to take a closer look at the diamond before making the final decision. You need to carefully look and ascertain if the diamond has any inclusions or blemishes. If you are planning to buy online, then look for high-tech images that will bring out any hidden imperfections.

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Diamond Clarity VS1 - Diamond Clarity VS1