Diamond Clarity SI2

Why buying S12 diamonds is a great choice, what S12 diamond clarity means and how to choose the best S12 diamond

For those who are looking for ways to get better value for their money, shopping for SI2 clarity pink diamonds is one of the easiest ways to get the best value for money. But before you proceed, you should know about SI2 diamond clarity, and how to choose which diamond will be suitable for you and why. This page aims to help you navigate exactly that.  

What is SI2 Diamond Clarity?

SI1 Diamond Clarity SI2 Diamond Clarity
SI1 clarity diamonds have inclusions that can be seen only with a 10x magnification loupe. Though usually the inclusions are very small in size and barely noticeable. Like SI1 clarity diamonds, SI2 clarity diamonds have inclusions that can be easily seen under 10 x magnification.
The imperfections are exceptionally small and usually unnoticeable. The imperfections are relatively large and can be easily noticed.
In SI1 clarity diamonds, the inclusions are usually found at the bottom of the stone. In SI2 clarity diamonds, the flaws are usually found towards the periphery of stone.

Why SI2 diamonds are a great purchase option

SI2 clarity diamonds seem to be a smart purchase only when you buy them “eye-clean”. All diamonds have imperfections – they either occur while forming deep in the earth’s crust or while the diamond cutter is making the cuts, but the ultimate goal is that the inclusions are not visible to the naked eye. However, the SI2 diamonds are known for the fact that their inclusions are highly visible when compared to the other grade diamonds like SI1 and VS2.

If you can find an eye-clean SI2 diamond, it would be one of the best deals you could ever make.  But if you cannot find an eye-clean SI2 diamond, we recommend you to bear the extra cost of an SI1 diamond. The price difference between SI2 and SI1 is not too much, but having a diamond with noticeable blemishes may diminish its beauty and future value. 

Why choose SI2 clarity pink diamonds?

It’s a fact that almost 70% of SI2 Clarity Diamonds have blemishes and inclusions that can be seen with the 10X loupe easily. In some cases the blemishes are recognisable, and they can be seen without any magnification. However, it doesn’t mean that you can’t ever get an eye-clean SI2 diamond. 30% of SI2 diamonds are eye-clean. You can explore the diamonds that Argyle Diamond Investments carefully selects to sell and pick your pink diamond with SI2 clarity.

People may think that inclusions are the only factor in buying SI2 Clarity diamonds, but there are so many other factors to consider when purchasing an SI2 diamond: you need to look for its size, carat weight, colour grade, brilliance, fire, and scintillation. These parameters help one to decide which diamonds are of good quality and provide the best value for money. Our experts at Argyle Diamond Investments understand all these parameters very well and we use the latest and unique technology, along with extensive knowledge and expertise to find the remaining 30% of the SI2 diamonds that can offer unbelievable value for your money. The SI2 clarity pink diamonds at the house of Argyle Diamond Investments are exceptional specimens and do not compromise on quality at all.

Diamond Clarity SI2 - Diamond Clarity SI2