Which Period of the Year Is Best to Buy Loose Diamonds?

It seems almost too good to be true, but there are periods of the year when loose diamonds undergo tremendous discounts. With the right knowledge, you can get the right deal.

Valentine’s Day

Diamond businesses have recorded small peaks on Valentine’s Day, and often provide discounts to encourage people to buy diamonds. This tends to apply to diamond jewellery, but loose diamonds may also come at a discount during the season of love.

Mother’s Day

People love their mothers and the diamond industry loves rewarding people for their care. It should come as no surprise that Mother’s Day can be a brilliant time to buy loose diamonds, loose or otherwise.

US Thanksgiving

We may not live in America, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy the benefits of their holidays. US Thanksgiving sales often extend into Australia, marking Thanksgiving as a good time to buy loose diamonds.


Out of all the celebrations, Christmas is undoubtedly the one where loose diamonds undergo the biggest discounts. Some companies offer up to 50% off their diamonds, whether they are loose or otherwise. The whole of December is a brilliant time to purchase diamonds. However, take care – people love purchasing loose diamonds at this time in preparation for other holidays, like Valentine’s Day, which is right around the corner. Try not to leave your diamond shopping too late, in case the one you want is bought by someone else.

In summary, the best time of year for diamond purchasing is from October through to January.  After Valentine’s Day, the price of loose diamonds will stay stable, so investors should take advantage of the opportunities while they can. The value of pink diamonds increases significantly with every passing year, so what may have been moderately expensive in May will be much pricier in October, even with discounts.

Loose diamonds should not be an impulse decision. Prior to purchasing, you should consider when the best time of year is as well as which sort of diamond you would be interested in purchasing. Pink diamonds come in a multitude of sizes, shapes and colours; each is beautiful and timeless. Take time to research and consider all your options, and how to invest in pink diamonds wisely.

Loose Diamonds An Investor’s Best Friend! 

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