Wastage and Loss as a Consequence of the Diamond Cutting Process

Pink diamonds can be cut up during the cutting process but only to a certain extent. As it is a hard mineral, it cannot be cut in its entirety. If the diamond extract is profound, faulty, or comprised, it might not bring forth a powerful, sparkling gemstone that costs a lot more than the rough stone. A rough diamond has a lot of waste and does not have a lot of value. If you decide to take the rough diamond, you will need to look into the mineral’s potential. There are ways like point cutting that is used to reduce the wastage. This is because of the nature of the mineral, which is known to be demanding and challenging. The mineral is extracted and used for different purposes.

The best way to prevent wastage of diamonds as a result of cutting is to learn how to have it cut  professionally. It is not a comfortable learning experience. It needs some years of training to acquire the skills to surface the diamond and get maximum profit. This needs to be done without destroying the diamond. Even a trained cutter can still fail to cut the diamond as required because it needs evaluation, which is not easy. Cutting diamonds is not a spotless cutting procedure. Training for cutting diamonds is not often offered. Therefore, there are only a few people who know how to cut a diamond without wastage. That is where you need to engage a professional for honest and credible work.

The rigidity and compound elements of the pink diamond’s crystals are what make diamond crystals very hard to surface it into fine gemstones. There are only a handful of skilled individuals who specialise in such cutting processes. An expert face who has been cutting emeralds gemstones can barely get to cut through the diamond mineral. Cutting diamonds requires the use of unique tool to minimise the looming wastage. Our tools have wheels and a distinctive cutting dome. Diamond ought to be very well placed during the cutting procedure, or the risk of destroying the valuable mineral is greatly increased. As mentioned earlier, it takes an individual years of training to learn how to professionally cut the Australian pink diamonds. Diamond cutting is s systematic process

Risk of failures while cutting the diamond

Risk of failures while cutting the diamond

The fundamental aspect of making a significant profit from diamond is getting a rough stone at a lower value and then getting a skilled faceter who will carefully cut it and maximise the end product while still maintain its carat mass. There is, however, the possibility of failure at every step of the procedure. Any loss incurred might cost a lot more than expected.

There is also a possibility of having a flawed quality diamond. Also, there is a possibility that the cutter might not be skillful as anticipated. The end product might be minimal and cost less. There is also the possibility of a bad cut and visible flaws. When it is not well cut, the colour also is not as pleasing as it should be.

The key to successfully buying a rough diamond and making a profit by cutting it is buying a quality stone at a low price. Skilled cutters work to maximise the finished quality. As you can see, there is potential for failure at every step. You could pay too much, or you could buy an imperfect quality diamond. It is also possible that your diamond cutter could lack experience.

In another case, the finished diamond gemstone may be too small, or the cut may be wrong. Consequently, the flaws may be visible. The colour may be of lower quality than anticipated.

It is essential to select the diamond cutter keenly. Some might claim to be skilled and destroy the diamond to the point that it has little value. An amateurish diamond cutter can ruin a diamond in the process, while a well capable cutter can minimise the faults and maximise its value. The unskilled blade can also burn off the colour, for instance, the pink diamond, and yield a small amount. When the process is done with caution, the diamonds are bound to be more valuable. There need to be people who are willing to learn and be patient until they have a grip on it. The mineral can bring fortune to an individual who is determined to do his/her best


The quantity of coarse diamond gone is what is termed as waste; it is created by cutting and polishing it varies with the type of diamond. The brilliant round cut has sixty per cent of it lost as waste during the process. The trash is no longer suitable for any other use. Cushion cuts have a lesser percentage of its rough part being lost as waste. This process is the appropriate method. Emeralds cuts are similar to that of the cushion cuts with a lower percentage of loss. The emerald cuts are unpretentious, making it easier to cut and polish; thus, it is less costly.  

Diamond is adamant and rigid

Diamond is adamant and rigid

The tools that are used to cut diamonds are also used for mining endeavours like the dispensation of natural problems. A significant quantity of used diamond cutting saw blades had damaged the process. Even though the sawblades are damage in mining, there are still some pieces of diamonds left. The retrieval of diamonds from the saw blades has brought many to its attention. They are retrieved through the hydrometallurgical process. The electron micrographs examine the surfaces. Recovered pink diamonds are useful in that they can be used to cut after they are resized. They also result in diamonds with smaller grain sizes. 

Diamond is an essential mineral

Diamond is an essential mineral

It is used in mining and also serves as jewellery, for example, the Australian pink diamonds. Extracting diamonds is also a source of income for many people. There are significant advantages of diamond extraction. Therefore, there should be a limit on the hope it is being wasted. The cutting process should be swift and done to ensure keenness and professionalism. Once there are skilled people in doing their work, then the minerals will serve a good fortune. This will also boost economic growth. Ultimately, it is a major source of income. 

In summary, we see that besides the high value that comes with the mining and later sale of the precious argyle diamonds, there are a handful of wastage factors. Argyle Diamond Investments Pty Ltd seeks to continue making the pink diamonds more valuable due to their skilled cutters expertise.

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