The Difference Between Blue and Pink Diamonds

Diamonds are timeless gifts to our loved ones and have probably purchased one for ourselves at one point or another. But do you know the difference between blue and purple pink diamonds?

Blue and purplish pink coloured diamonds are amongst the biggest fashion trends of 2021, with the famous Hope Diamond and Blue Moon Diamond bumping up the desire for customers. With demand for these precious stones being so high, now is the perfect time to make a low-effort investment in blue or purple pink diamonds.

How to Distinguish between Blue and Purplish Pink Diamonds

Blue Diamonds

Blue Diamonds

Blue diamonds are often associated with elegance and sophistication and this can be seen through the popularity and value of The Hope Diamond and The Blue Moon Diamond. They are highly desired within the diamond collector community and enthusiasts.

Blue diamonds are one of the more valuable diamonds amongst the fancy colour diamonds but many other factors go into determining the price such as the four C’s: Cut, Colour, Clarity, Carat.

What Causes the Blue Colour in a diamond?

According to GIA, the blue colour in the diamond is caused by trace amounts of boron atoms which are substituted for carbon atoms throughout the crystal lattice.  Boron is mostly found on the Earth’s surface, so having a blue diamond is a very rare occurrence as boron typically is not an element present in the mantle where diamonds grow.

Each boron atom will distort the crystal lattice so only blue wavelengths of light will pass through the diamond: The more boron present within a diamond, the deeper the blue colour will look.

As stated in an article by the Washington Post, just 1 out of 200,000 diamonds are blue, which illustrates their immense rarity. They were, however, found in the Argyle mine, Australia.

Blue Diamond Intensity Scale

Just like all other fancy coloured diamonds, blue diamonds can have a huge variety of shades such as blue, grey-blue, steel blue, turquoise or sky blue. It can often be seen that blue diamonds can obtain an additional name depending on the hue such as baby, royal or midnight. Blue diamonds are the type IIb which makes up 0.1% of all-natural diamonds, this makes them very rare and high value; even more so if they display a deep intensity of colour.

Pink Diamonds

Pink Diamonds

As reported by Cape Town Diamond Museum, more than 90% of the world’s supply of pink diamonds are from the Argyle Mine in Western Australia which leaves the remaining 10% to have historically been found in South Africa, Siberia, Russia, Brazil, and Canada.

It’s also important to note that one of the largest purple-pink diamonds sold in an auction for 4.6 million AUD only last year!

What Causes the Pink Colour in a Diamond?

Typically, fancy coloured diamonds are created when trace elements intermingle with carbon atoms during the diamond’s formation, such as boron atoms being substituted for carbon atoms in blue diamonds.

However, when it comes to pink diamonds the process is entirely different. Unlike blue diamonds, there have never been trace elements found within pink diamonds.

Geologists have speculated that pink diamonds get their colour from a formation feature called “plastic formation” which is a feature of the diamond structure that forces the gem to produce a pink hue.

Pink Diamond Intensity Scale

Pink diamonds also have a wide variety of colours just like blue diamonds. The GIA has given pink diamonds eight colour grades ranging from faint to Fancy Vivid, Fancy Deep and Fancy Dark. Some colour variations for pink diamonds can be purplish pink, pink champagne, brownish pink, baby pink, etc.

It is usually standard to use the GIA grades although sometimes you might find a vendor ranking a pink diamond from 1-9, this is an Argyle Colour Grading System.

The more intense the colour is, the more valuable the stone will be, but hue can also affect the price of a pink diamond. Some hues you would see are brown, red, and purple. Most commonly you will see a brown hue which is much more affordable.

With pink diamonds being rare enough as it is, a pink diamond with a purple secondary hue would be even more expensive and extremely rare.

Why Invest in Blue or Pink Diamonds?

Why Invest in Blue or Pink Diamonds?

According to Winnipeg Free Press, since 1959, fancy coloured diamonds have not decreased in wholesale price and can rise upwards of 10-15% in value every year, so it is a great and easy investment opportunity.

In an interview with Investing News, Jeremy Wiseman, Vice President of Guildhall Diamonds discussed the rise in demand saying, “There is a very low supply of blue and pink diamonds so any increase in demand is going to be felt stronger.”

He also added, “As appreciation for colour diamonds grows, investors are less willing to let go of these assets. So, what you have is a combination of low supply, rarity, and growing understanding of the market. This all translates to stronger demand and rising values.”

It is also important to add that with the foreclosure of the Argyle Diamond Mine, the stock of coloured diamonds is anticipated to rise considerably while the demand for purple pink and blue diamonds is at an all-time high for both investment and fashion.

Blue Diamond Investment

Blue diamonds are one of the most sought after of all the fancy-coloured diamonds and, with a strong, stable market, are a worthy investment to consider. Within the diamond market, there are more buyers than sellers with, a limited supply of natural blue diamonds of 0.1% of the market.

Pink Diamond Investment

When it comes to pink diamond investments, the Fancy Color Research Foundation states that Australian certification has only increased in value by 1% in the past five years (2015-2019).

When comparing this figure to an Australian certified diamond, the statistic increases to an average of 18.6%. This shows just how tangible an investment proposition that pink diamonds can be. It would be an even more lucrative deal to invest in a purple-pink diamond as they are rarer than any other pink diamond and highly sought after by collectors.

Investing in Blue or Pink Diamonds

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