The Biggest Pink Diamonds in the World

How the globes biggest and most dazzling pink diamond formed, the rich history associated with it and how it drives interest in pink diamond investments today

A high-quality diamond, regardless of colour, exudes elegance and beauty. Colourless diamonds are the most classic and popular and have been so for centuries. However, coloured diamonds have an exquisite beauty that few other gemstones could hope to match. Pink diamonds in particular, are highly coveted for their delicate radiance. These are among the rarest, which makes them highly prized by collectors and jewellers alike.

Perhaps the most famous of all pink diamonds is the Pink Star, the largest diamond of its colour ever found. Aside from its size, many things make the pink star superbly special. One of these is intrinsic to all pink diamonds –  how they form.

How Do Pink Diamonds Form?

All diamonds are made of carbon while exposed to specific factors. Diamonds form in the Earth’s mantle over long periods whilst being subjected to enormous heat and temperature. The source of the colouration of pink diamonds, however, remains somewhat of a puzzle to scientists.

Many theories exist as to why pink diamonds form, but none of them is definitive. Among the most notable theories include:

  • Impurities: Some diamonds that have impurities mixed into the carbon may exude certain colours. While this may be true for some pink diamonds, this theory certainly does not apply to all of them.
  • Shock: Many processes happen deep within the Earth. Scientists believe that some of these, like seismic shocks, can alter the composition of substances. Diamonds exposed to certain types of shock, according to the theory, may turn pink.
  • Pressure: All diamonds form because of the enormous temperature and pressure deep underground. Scientists believe, however, that certain pressure conditions may cause pink diamonds to form.

Because of their rarity, it cannot be denied that pink diamonds need specific conditions for them to form. That’s what makes the Pink Star all the more special and unique among other gemstones.

The Pink Star Diamond

The Pink Star Diamond

Diamonds are all graded according to quality, and multiple factors determines this quality. Among these factors size, colour, purity, cut and more are included. The Pink Star excels in nearly all of the gradable attributes, which only contributes to its historic value. Some of the specifications that make the Pink Star special are the following:

  • Size: The Pink Star originally weighed 132.6 carats when it was mined. After cutting and processing, the final product was still a whopping 59.60 carats. To give you an idea of how large that is, an average engagement ring’s centre stone is 1 carat. That means that the Pink Star is nearly sixty times larger than an average engagement diamond.
  • Colour: Pink diamonds come in different shades. The Pink Star has been graded as “vivid pink”. Its hue is light but elegant shade of pink. Its colour is quite reminiscent of beautiful pink roses in full bloom.
  • Uniqueness: The tedious cutting process of the Pink Star produced a beautiful mixed oval cut. The different facet styles of the Pink Star are part of its overall charm and elegance. 

The Pink Star is far from the largest natural diamond known to man. The title for the largest diamond ever mined is the Great Star of Africa, at 530.2 carats. However, the Pink Star has always attracted great attention, likely due to the qualities we stated above.

Origins of the Pink Star Diamond

Most of the world’s pink diamond supply comes from certain places, with Australia, India, and South Africa as among the most notable. The Pink Star was mined in South Africa in 1999, making it young compared to other famous stones.

Mineralogists and jewellers recognise the rarity of the stone, which is why meticulous care was observed in its processing and cutting stages. The Steinmetz Diamond Company handled these stages with utmost precision. As a result, it took a further two years to cut and process the diamond to its modern shape. The final product was revealed in 2003 and received widespread acclaim due to its beauty and quality.

The Pink Star Diamond Over the Years

The Pink Star Diamond Over the Years

Initially known as the Steinmetz Pink when unveiled, the Pink Star has changed ownership and names over time. The world, in turn, followed the trail of the Pink Star much like how it does with celebrities. Some of the most notable events in the Pink Star’s history are:

  • From the Steinmetz Pink to the Pink Star: In 2007, years after it was unveiled, the Steinmetz Pink was sold to an anonymous individual. It was thereafter renamed as the Pink Star, and it was this name that stuck with the world.
  • The November 2013 auction: The Pink Star was then auctioned in 2013 at a then record-breaking price of over 83 million US dollars. The sale, however, did not push through.
  • The April 2017 auction: The Pink Star was again auctioned in April 2017. This sale is a current record holder. This auction made the Pink Star the most expensive gemstone of all time at 71.2 million US dollars.

The April 2017 auction has given the Pink Star its current home. It currently belongs to the Hong Kong-based jewellery company Chow Tai Fook, which renamed the gemstone as the CTF Pink Star.

Pink Diamonds are Extremely Valuable

The Pink Star is undoubtedly one of the world’s most beautiful gemstones to date and we have mentioned the many reasons for its fame. There is no question, however, when we say that the biggest factors are its size and colour. If you find the Pink Star beautiful and recognise it’s investment potential, then you may want to invest in pink diamonds yourself. Many others do and continue to do so with the world’s supply beginning to dwindle, and have found it to be a smart choice.

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