Understanding the Anatomy of Pink Diamonds

Pink diamonds are a beautiful and elegant stone. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at pink colored diamonds, and their distinguishing factors.

Pink diamonds, unlike their white counterparts, are extremely rare, which is because 90% of the world’s pink diamonds come from only one location – the Argyle mine, which rests in the far north of Western Australia. Considering this is the only reliable location where diamonds can be sourced, it is no wonder that they are so sought after.

However, their rarity does not detract from their uniqueness. Pink diamonds are not identical: they come in many different shades and hues.

The Anatomy of Pink Diamonds

Colour Differences

Although all pink diamonds are pink, they still differ in their hues and tones. Often, they have other colours within them that slightly change the colour, such as purple or orange.

The saturation of the pinks also varies. Some diamonds may be extremely saturated and therefore very bright, whereas some have a low saturation and may be light pink as opposed to dark pink.

When experts are looking at pink diamonds, they take both of those factors into consideration: the intensity, and the underlying colour. If you are considering purchasing a pink diamond, it is vital that you do too.

Diamond Clarity

As with any diamond, pink diamonds are graded for clarity. The higher the clarity, the more expensive the stone will be. Experts say that sometimes, the colour can be intense enough to mask the low clarity of the diamond, but that should not make the price increase. A diamond with low clarity, brightly coloured or not, should not be the same price as one with high clarity.

Diamond Cut

For white diamonds, the round cut is often preferred; however, for pink diamonds, this is not the case. The round cut distributes light in a way that makes the diamond appear brighter and whiter, which for pink colored diamonds is not ideal. Instead, pink diamonds can be cut in different ways to increase their colour saturation and to avoid draining them. Some may be cut into squares, or traditional fancy cuts, such as the princess or the oval cut.

However, if the saturation and colour are rich enough, the jeweller may choose to cut the diamond into a brilliant round cut. The round cut is the one that investors prefer, as it is most likely to sell and return a profit.

Diamond Weight

As with regular diamonds, pink diamonds are weighed by the carat. If you are looking to invest, consider purchasing one diamond that weighs more, as opposed to two smaller diamonds that together make up the equivalent of the first.

Although both options will provide a good return, the first is likely to result in a larger profit.

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Pink diamonds are beautiful, elegant and graceful. Here, at Argyle Diamond Investments Pty Ltd, we are pleased to sell these timeless investments and would be happy to help you on your pink diamond journey.

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Argyle Diamond Investments Pty Ltd are Australia’s largest supplier of Australian certified pink diamonds and have exclusive use of the Australian Pink Diamond Analytics program. This program is a data driven decision maker that tracks and statistically analyses the rarity, financial growth and value of all investment grade pink and blue diamonds. With this valuable information, Argyle Diamond Investments Pty Ltd can offer all clients an investment grade pink from $5,000AUD up. But, the highest growth diamonds, are the larger, stronger colour pinks starting from around $20,000AUD plus.


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