Taking Care of Your Diamond Investments and Jewellery

Buying an engagement ring topped with a rare pink diamond is one thing, but how to wear and take care of it is another. We are mostly concerned about how to choose the best diamond or how to invest in these gems. However, did you know there is a proper way to wear and take care of these stones? These are some tips and advice on how to take care, wear and store your diamond jewellery properly. Here are five tips on how to take care of your pink diamond jewellery.

What is your diamond’s worth to you?

Diamonds express wealth, beauty and prestige. The brilliance of these natural stones gives the owner a sense of pride for owning such a rarity. Diamonds are extraordinary products of nature that humans have the privilege of appreciating. This crystallised form of carbon is the ultimate symbol of perseverance, symbolising survival against the pressures and stresses just existing may bring, and a symbol for infinity. However, even with the almost immortal lifespan of a diamond, its brilliance can be tarnish by mishandling and misuse.

Buy a quality certified diamond and insure it

Buy a quality certified diamond and insure it

It needs to be stressed that when buying pink rose diamonds, certification is essential. Purchases of an Argyle diamond from an Authorised Partner or an accredited atelier should include a gem identification certification as verification of the authenticity of the diamond, and an assurance of the quality you possess. Besides formal authentication documents, it is wise to get insurance for your diamonds. You never know what may happen with your precious possessions, especially if you have bought it as an investment. Insurance and certification go hand in hand when talking about diamond investments.

Clean your pink rose diamond regularly

Cleaning your jewellery is something that you should do regularly. It is especially so if you wear it out in public. Dirt, grime and gunk can accumulate, especially in the corners of the fittings that hold the gem. Dirt that accumulates on the stone can reduce its brilliance, making it look dull over time.

The way light is refracted through and passes out of the stone affects how shiny and brilliant a diamond appears. If small amounts of dirt or oil hinder the action, the stone will look dull and unappealing. There are simple solutions that you can use to clean your jewellery. The jeweller who you purchased it from, or who set it for you, will generally have a free cleaning service. For your peace of mind, use their service. You will be amazed how new your diamond will appear after a thorough cleaning.

Take your jewellery off when needed

Taking off your pink rose diamond engagement ring when you are washing your hands in a public restroom is an unadvisable risk. However, there are cases where it is best that you take it off or leave it a home in a safe place – for example during physical activity such as basketball, tennis, any activity where you make sudden changes in direction or sweating may occur. There is a good chance that you will damage the jewellery or the stones can be knocked loose in their its settings. So, the best advice is if you are going to be in a very physically demanding activity, it is a good idea to store your jewellery safely instead of wearing it. 

Visit your trusted jeweller for a check up on your diamond’s health

Visit your trusted jeweller for a check up on your diamond’s health

With time, there are instances where the prongs and notches holding your diamond fail to keep them secure. Before you mourn with regret losing your expensive diamond due to a loose, bent or broken prong on your jewellery, visit your trusted jeweller to have it checked regularly. Most jewellers offer this as a free service when you purchase your diamond jewellery or design a bespoke piece.

Cleansers and water may be detrimental to your jewellery

If you take a bath, a long swim, or wash your dishes by hand there is a chance that your fingers and your skin may shrink ever so slightly. The chemicals in your cleansers and moisturisers, or those present in water may cause a reaction with the precious metal of the jewellery as well. These chemical reactions may produce stains that can discolour the diamond. If you can safely store your jewellery, leave it off when bathing, showering, swimming or doing the dishes.

Diamonds are hard but they are brittle

Many have the misconception that because diamonds are the hardest substance that it is impervious to damage. That is misleading. A diamond is hard because of its molecular structure but the nature of the bonding within this structure means it will break (called cleaving) under the right circumstances. In fact, diamond cutters make good use of this brittleness to quickly start shaping a diamond, then many long hours are spent trying to prevent the stone from fracturing before it reaches its final marketable form. Yes, diamonds are vulnerable to fracturing, chipping and getting damaged. It is not rare to hear stories of newly bought diamonds getting chipped and damaged after one month of wear. Remember to take care of your diamonds. They may be one of the hardest substances found in the universe, but they still can be damaged. 

In the end, diamonds are precious stones that require extra care and attention. These few tips can help you take care of your expensive jewellery or investment. Though diamonds are one of the stable commodities you can invest in, you should still invest time in taking care of it. After all, it takes little time to read and understand the importance of these tips and apply them in real life. Take care of your diamonds and your diamonds will take care of you. 





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