6PP Purplish Pink Diamonds

Getting to know 6PP Purplish Pink Diamonds

Whilst the purest of the pinks fetch the highest premiums in the pink diamond market, the presence of one hue elevate their value even more. It’s the rare secondary hue, purple. Unlike other secondary hues like brown or orange, which tend to decrease the pink diamond’s value, the purple undertone does the complete opposite.

This means that Purplish Pink diamonds are a lot rarer, and therefore, more expensive than their pure Pink family. The Purplish Pink Argyle diamonds are among the truly precious and exquisite pink diamond varieties out there.

The dazzling enigma of the Purplish Pinks

How these diamonds acquire their captivating pink hue is still a mystery. Scientists offer a theory that the colour is most likely a result of deformation with its crystal lattice. According to them, at some point during the pink diamond’s formation, varying forces within the Earth’s interior caused tremendous stress to the diamond.

This caused the carbon atoms to misalign as it finishes the final crystal lattice formation in the stone. This is a kind of defect that is also referred to as plastic deformation. This shifting happens within the diamond’s glide planes or lamellae in the gemmological parlance.

These glide planes create microscopic graining, which influences how the light travels across the diamond crystal. The graining can cause the diamond to absorb certain wavelengths and emit others. This is the case with red and pink diamonds, wherein the colours they possess did not come from impurities or trace elements. Their colours came from the graining.

A little pink graining and the gemstone take on a rosy hue. With more pink graining, the stone transmits a more crimson shade. The higher the pink graining present in the glide planes, the redder the precious rock becomes.

In the case of Purplish Pink diamonds, the glide planes contain enough pink graining arranged in such a way that it emits a purple hint. The result is a beautiful pink hue with a purple secondary tone.

6PP Purplish Pink diamonds: coyly intense

Let’s get to know the characteristics of the 6PP. In the language of the Argyle fancy-coloured diamonds, PP stands for Purplish Pink. This is quite a special, highly sought-after colour grading.

Purplish Pink combines two precious elements of rare coloured diamonds — the pink hue and the purple undertone. This colour combination is unrivalled in any other pink diamond family. More often than not, a Purplish Pink diamond is worth more than Pink (P), Pink Rosé (PR), or Pink Champagne (PC) in the same carat.

The number 6 represents its colour intensity. Whereas 1 indicates the highest intensity or the richest hue, 9 indicates the lowest intensity or the palest. The colour intensity 6 places it just a notch under the middle range. 6PP is the coyly intense kind; not too rich, but also not too pale. The modest concentration gives out that mysterious aura. It makes the onlooker linger for a moment more to catch that beautiful purple-pink gleam, again and again.

About cut and shape

Colourless diamonds are typically cut to bring out their best sparkle and brilliance. But it’s a different case for fancy-coloured diamonds such as the Purplish Pink ones. These blushing sparklers are cut in a way that accentuates and amplifies their colour.

Master diamond cutters and polishers know exactly how to do this. They understand quite well how the cut can influence the colour grade of a fancy diamond. The right cut with precise symmetry, befitting angles, and impeccable polish makes for a lustrous piece of pink gemstone.

The most flattering shapes for Purplish Pink diamonds are cushion and radiant. The bevelled corners in radiant, and the playful facets in cushion fire up the stone’s natural brilliance. However, there are also other popular shapes that many collectors look for in a pink diamond. Heart shape, for instance, echoes the romantic allure of the rosy stone. Meanwhile, the marquise, oval, and pear shapes reflect the royal glamour of the Purplish Pink diamond. 

How do they perform in the diamond market?

Pink diamonds are never cheap — and will never be. Especially since the Argyle mine, producer of the premier fancy coloured diamonds in the world, has already closed its doors in 2020. With extremely limited natural pink diamonds in the world diamond market, it would be difficult to meet its growing demand. This means that the price of this rare stone has only one direction to go, and that is up.

Purplish Pink Argyle diamonds are in high demand. Even in these challenging times, they perform exceptional well in the diamond market. Last year, a 14.83-carat Purplish Pink diamond named The Spirit of the Rose was sold at an auction for $36.5 million. As if it was not enough, another smashing pink diamond record happened this year.

Recently, a 15.81-carat Purplish Pink diamond called The Sakura was auctioned in Christies Hong Kong. The luxurious rare piece was sold at an impressive auction record of more than $37.7 million. It now holds the record of the world’s most expensive ever Purplish Pink diamond sold at an auction.

Purplish Pink diamonds: this is the sign

Two record-breaking Purplish Pink diamond sales, in an unforgiving COVID-19 era at that, is quite telling of just how valuable and in-demand this type of gemstone is. There is no doubt that the value of this spectacular crystal will keep increasing in the coming months.

These days, a carat of Purplish Pink natural diamonds may range anywhere from $40,000 and $100,000. Of course, other factors are at play as to its price per carat, such as intensity and clarity. A 6PP Purplish Pink diamond is at the middle price point of all the other Purple Pinks, making it an excellent investment piece.

Know that at whatever price range is it right now, the Purplish Pink diamond’s value will increase in the future, and that is for sure. If you are thinking of seriously investing in natural pink diamonds, this is the sign.

The Purplish Pink diamonds are creating excitement among gemstone enthusiasts following the sale of the two notable pieces. Take this as a hint; do not be left behind, reach out to an Argyle Diamond Investments advisor and learn more. We will equip you with all the information you need — and want — for a rosy investment journey with pink diamonds.

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