5PP Purplish Pink Diamonds

Everything you need to know about 5PP Purplish Pink Diamonds

In all of history, there are a few pieces of jewellery that gained the awe and appreciation of people worldwide. Some of this jewellery is decked with the famed pink and purplish pink diamonds. The extreme rarity of these types of diamonds already makes these stones highly sought after. However, some diamonds achieved the level of being priceless, and are now part of a nation’s heritage.

Coloured diamonds slowly gained popularity late in the 20th century. The reason for this sudden shift of preference is due to the undeniable beauty of coloured stones. It was also due to the massive output of quarries and mines finding coloured diamonds, especially in South Africa, and the Argyle mines in Western Australia. Here are some of the pink and purple diamonds that are famous in the diamond world. 

The Purple Orchid

This diamond came into the limelight in 2014 at the Hong Kong Jewellery and Gem Fair. The Purple Orchid originated from a mine in South Africa and remained undisclosed. Aside from the Argyle mines, some South African pipes produce pink and purplish diamonds. However, it is the Argyle pinks that command a higher rate compared to others. The Purple Orchid was at first a large 4 carat rough stone. After a few months of gem-cutting, the stone was transformed into a 3.37 carat gem of awe and beauty.

After the gem was cut, it was put in an auction in Hong Kong at $4 million. The price of the gem works out at almost $1.2 million per carat. It was eventually sold, but the final cost of the winning bidder was not revealed to the public. The Purple Orchid is considered a real rarity, both due to the intense, fancy purplish colour and its weight and size.

The Supreme Purple Star

This diamond is often regarded as the king of all purple diamonds. It is because of the unique feature – it has two different colours. A study showed that the stone displays both purple and red colour, which has never been seen before. 

The diamond’s origin was never disclosed, but many believe that it was from the Amazon forest in some remote location. The diamond is estimated to be between 2 to 5 carats, as the real weight of the stone is kept secret. However, the price of the Supreme Purple Star was suspected to be $4 million per carat. This means that the stone’s worth will range from $8 million to $20 million. 

The Royal Purple Heart

The Royal Purple Heart is a massive diamond of 7.34 carats. This purple heart-shaped diamond was a wonder to behold, and its real value has not been disclosed. The diamond is believed to have come from Russia, yet the actual site is still unknown. The clarity and brilliance of this stone are accentuated by the skill in the cutting of the stone.

How did a Purplish Pink diamond get its colour?

The pinkish hue of pink diamonds is still of much debate. Many are inclined to believe that the pink shade is from the misalignment in the carbon atom lattice inside the diamond. The imperfection and kinks in the lattice refract the pink light. In addition, the purplish tint is due to the levels of hydrogen inside the gem. This impurity interacts with the internal light refraction turning it purple. The combination of a pinkish hue and the purplish tint creates the unique purplish pink diamonds so famously produced by the Argyle mines. 

The real value of Purplish Pink Diamonds

The rarity of purplish pink diamonds is the main reason why these diamonds are so expensive. However, aside from the price, these unique diamonds evoke something deep inside a person, who appreciate these stones. The colour purple has always been connected to royalty, power, wealth so having a stone imbued with such symbolism is powerful. It is for this reason many diamond connoisseurs are eager to have these kinds of diamonds to show their love and affection, or to show their wealth and power.

A lot of influential figures in society and celebrities have bought these rarest of diamonds to show how they love, and enduring love they show indeed. Diamonds are gems made from intense pressure on liquified carbon, crystallising them through heat and stress for millions, or even billions of years.

It is one of the oldest things one can get a hold on, and it is quite something to hold a piece of our planet’s history in the palm of your hands. So, if you come across a diamond remember, that piece of rock, whatever size it is, is evidence of the immeasurable time that passed, how amazing it is that it managed to remain intact, long enough for us to unearth and transform it so we can enjoy one of the treasures our earth’s mantle had in store for us.

Is the diamond business booming?

The diamond market is still growing and remains a vibrant part of the world’s economy. Though the Argyle mine closing in 2021, may have put a dint in a part of the coloured diamond market, the diamond industry continues strongly. Brazil, South Africa, Canada and Russia, continue producing coloured diamonds, while searching for new sources to keep the industry viable. It is well worth noting that none have produced anything to rival the unique structure of the purplish pink diamonds of the Argyle mine.

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