4PP Purplish Pink Diamonds

An Investor’s Guide to 4PP Purplish Pink Diamonds

Natural pink diamonds are adored for their extreme beauty and rarity. These gemstones are among the hardest to find in the world and therefore greatly valued in the market. These also come in different shades and colour combinations. One of these is the 4PP Purplish Pink Diamond.

4PP Purplish Pink Diamonds: in focus

1. Identifying features

A Purplish Pink diamond has pink as the main colour and purple as a secondary tone. It also has different intensities like fancy, intense, and fancy light. This combination is highly in demand and quite special.

It is called “Purplish” since the purple colour is not strongly seen compared to a Purple Pink diamond. It has a low secondary hue, around 25% purple.

2. Shape

Purplish pink diamonds are available in different shapes. Still, many buyers choose cushion or radiant shape because these maximise the colour’s visibility. Other shapes include marquise, oval, pear, heart, and round. The diamonds can also be customised to form a princess or asscher shape.

3. Price

4PP diamonds are beautiful investment stones and the price of the diamond will depend on the stone’s individual features.

Why do 4PP pink diamond prices differ?

Four factors determine the price of pink diamonds, and these are called the 4 C’s.


Some colour combinations affect the pink diamond’s worth. For instance, a pink diamond with a brown secondary hue has a lower value. However, in purple and pink, the colours are quite similar and almost identical. The usual undertones found in pink diamonds are brown, purple, and orange. Orange and purple are more valuable, while yellow and brown are a little less desirable. Purely pink diamonds are rare. They usually are more expensive than those with secondary hues.


The diamond’s weight has a significant impact on its price. The gemstone becomes more expensive as its weight increases because big diamonds are rare. This trend is more evident in pink diamonds – the rarest among coloured diamonds. Prices start to go up once a pink diamond weighs more than 0.5 carats.


The clarity of pink diamonds is evaluated in the same manner as colourless stones. This aspect is not that important for fancy-coloured diamonds because the flaws are less visible. All else being equal, pink diamonds that have fewer flaws are pricier. However, it’s not crucial to pay so much money to buy a perfectly clean diamond. A cheap diamond can look flawless to the naked eye even if it has lower clarity.


Coloured diamonds are cut in proportions to maximise colour intensity. Sparkle and brilliance are only secondary for fancy-coloured stones. Don’t scrutinise a pink diamond’s cut with traditional grades. Check the diamond’s colour saturation first before considering brilliance.

Is the 4PP Purplish Pink diamond right for you?

There are two types of pink diamond investors:

People who belong in the first group are better off choosing between 4P/4PP to 5P/5PP. This depends on the initial budget they set aside for making the purchase. The gem will increase in value over time but remains affordable for the next buyer down the line.

Those who belong in the 2nd group should invest in pink diamonds with a higher grade. Ideally, they should go for at least three and work their way up to one. The gemstones are much more expensive, but price appreciation is also way bigger over time. The ROI will be astronomical.

A word of caution: some potential buyers might be turned off if the price is too high. It’s also important to carefully scrutinise the gemstone. The colour might look richer even though it’s actually down below the quality scale. Therefore, a 4PP may seem like a 3P.

Is the 4PP Purplish Pink Diamond a Worthy Investment?

Many people think of stocks, real estate or a new business when it comes to investment. However, pink diamonds are now becoming one of the highly sought-after investments today.

The pink diamond is the 2nd most expensive shade of diamonds. It’s next to red diamonds that are almost impossible to buy. The main source of these gemstones, Argyle mine, already closed last November 2020. This means that getting a natural pink diamond will be much harder than ever.

Pink diamond prices rose to approximately 367% even before the mine’s closure. Now that they’ve pulled the plug on the mine’s operations, the price increase will definitely reach record numbers.

These diamonds are also wearable investments. Not only do they boost the owner’s financial status, but they also help make a fashion statement. The gemstones can be fashioned into sophisticated and timeless pieces such as rings, earrings, and necklaces. Buying something that can give happiness and joy is a wise move.

Invest in Authentic Pink Diamonds with Argyle Diamond Investments

Those who are not adept at purchasing diamonds might easily be fooled into buying low-quality pink diamonds. Worse, some might even be tricked into buying fake ones. The best way to protect your hard-earned money is to transact with a reliable pink diamond vendor.

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