2PP Purplish Pink Diamonds

Everything you need to know about 2PP Purplish Pink Diamonds

When people say ‘pink diamonds’, an element of class comes to mind, with the people around the world amazed by their beauty and brilliance. As the largest supplier of pink diamonds, the Argyle Diamond mine has developed a grading scale in order to classify pink diamonds according to their hue, saturation and tone. In its simplest form, pink diamonds can be broken into 4 categories; pink, purplish pink, pink rose and pink champagne. This classification is given before the diamonds even receive a colour intensity grade and is based purely on the colour that the diamond outputs.

What are Purplish Pink Diamonds?

Among the pink diamond varieties, purplish pink diamonds are identified by having a primarily pink stone with a secondary purple colour tint.  The purplish pink diamonds are also given a grade based on their colour intensity, ranging from 1 to 9 with 1 being the most intensive colour and 9 being nearly colourless.

What are 2PP Diamonds?

2PP or ‘purplish pink’ diamonds are ranked second for colour intensity on the Argyle grading scale for purplish pink diamonds. A 2PP diamond has a vivid pink colour with a noticeable purple tint. The stone is highly saturated with a vivid colour that can be identified quite easily.

How much are 2PP Diamonds Worth?

As diamonds with the purplish pink grade are rare, they are also very valuable. Given that a 2PP diamond is ranked second on the Argyle grading scale, the natural varieties are very valuable and considered a collector’s item for investors.

Telling the difference between natural and artificial 2PP diamonds

Due to the rarity of purplish pink diamonds, scientists have discovered methods to recreate the colouring of purplish pink diamonds in a lab setting. This means that the beautiful colour stone is able to be sold around the world due to its artificial creation.

The artificial creation of the purplish pink diamond however means that it has become hard for investors to tell the difference between a natural purplish pink stone and an artificial one. This is where a gemological expert is required. An expert can look at the stone under a microscope and identify based on specific characteristics whether the purplish pink diamond is real or artificial.

Real or natural purplish pink diamonds are worth a significant amount more that unnatural or lab created diamonds so its important to always get a reputable gemological expert to classify and identify your purplish pink diamond.

How did a 2PP diamond get its colour?

The origins of the pinkish hue of a pink diamond are still very much debated. Many individuals believe that the colour of pink diamonds stems from imperfections in the carbon makeup of the stone and the light refraction from the internal flaws within it. In addition, the secondary purplish tint is accounted from the varying levels of hydrogen within the stone itself. This hydrogen impurity interacts with the internal light refraction, giving the stone a varying purple tint. The combination of the main pinkish hue and the secondary purplish tint creates the unique purplish pink diamonds that are famous.  

Is there money to be made in purplish pink diamonds?

The diamond market is still growing and remains a vibrant part of the world’s economy. Even with the closure of the Argyle diamond mine at the end of 2020, the world’s pink diamond industry will continue to boom. Purplish pink diamonds specifically will become the staple of the industry due to their beautiful colouring and overall rarity.

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