8PR Pink Rose Diamonds

Everything you need to know about investing in 8PR diamonds

There is no doubt that diamonds have had a massive influence on the development of commerce and trade of civilisations. Pink diamonds, more specifically, are the investors dream with their rarity and value constant increasing. In the modern-day era, investors seek to gain significant profit for their investment in pink diamonds. Pink rose diamonds have become the diamond of choice due to, not only their beauty but also their value and pure brilliance.

8PR Pink Rose diamonds

The Argyle grading scale is a simplified categorisation of pink diamonds according to colour and intensity. In this scale, pink rose diamonds are classified from 1 – 9 and are determined by the visible aspect of the stone. The 8PR pink rose diamond is a stone classified as having a faint pinkish rose tint. It is second in the lower end of this category and is a relatively cheaper diamond, making it a great choice for first time pink diamond investors. The pink rose diamond is one of the unique and popular types of pink diamond in the market today.

8PR diamond demand

The 8PR diamond type is in the lower end of the pink rose spectrum, only second lowest to the 9PR diamond classification. These diamonds are relatively cheaper compared to other pink diamonds due to their classification. Originally, pink rose diamonds were called “brownish pink” diamonds, but to make them more marketable to a wider audience, jewellers gradually began calling them pink rose diamonds, and the name caught on like wildfire. The current demand for 8PR diamonds is not as high as other rare types of pink diamonds, but still significant in comparison to other gemstone investments. Their current demand is set to increase exponentially since the closure of Australia’s Western Australian based Argyle mine.

How to start investing in 8PR Pink Rose Diamonds?

When making the decision to invest in 8PR Pink Rose diamonds, it is essential that you always consult an expert in the gemmological field. Ensure that the stone has GIA (Gemmological Institute of America) or Argyle Diamond certifications to reinforce its authenticity and ensure the diamond classification is exactly how it is advertised. If you are new to the world of pink diamond investments, contact Argyle Diamond Investments today! They can help you get on the road to diamond investment success as they have helped hundreds of investors expand their portfolios and can answer all of your pink diamond related questions. Don’t hesitate, take the leap today and make contact with our team today!

8PR Pink Rose Diamonds - Pink rose diamond