7PR Pink Rose Diamonds

A Buyer’s Guide to 7PR Pink Rose Diamonds

Pink diamonds are seen as in-demand purchases for those looking to make a worthwhile and long-term investment. These are among the rarest gems in the world. As the Argyle mine officially closed in 2020, their value exponentially increased.

One of the shades of pink diamonds is the pink rose. In this article, we talk about what is called a 7 pink rose diamond or 7PR pink rose diamond.

The meaning behind the name

The Argyle Mine in Australia is where approximately 90% of the pink diamond supply in the world comes from. A grading system for diamond colour was later created.

Pink diamonds are grouped into four categories: PP (Purplish Pink), PR (Pink Rose), P (Pink), and PC (Pink Champagne). These are then rated based on their colour intensity from 1 (highest) to 7 (lowest). Therefore, 7PR pertains to a Pink Rose diamond with low colour intensity.

Some sellers also add clarity to the diamond’s name in their pages for easier reference:

A closer look at 7PR Pink Rose Diamonds

Fake vs real pink rose diamonds

The limited supply and high demand for pink diamonds resulted in imitation pieces being sold to unaware buyers. There are quite a lot of tips online to detect fake diamonds, but it’s best to follow advice from experts.

The GIA provided some guidelines to help avoid being scammed into buying fake pieces. These include the following:

Most of the famous pink diamonds are intense or vivid in colour. However, pink rose diamonds still make stunning jewellery stones as well as investment stones for your pink diamond portfolio.

How much are 7PR Diamonds?

The price of these gemstones greatly differs depending on the seller and well as the gem’s variables. To evaluate and grade diamonds, the GIA created the 4C’s system: Carat, Colour, Clarity, and Cut.


A higher carat is better and pricier. Bigger diamonds are also heavier. Prices are assigned per carat and the price per carat increases as weight increases.


Clarity plays a big role in a diamond’s value. The price variation between VVS2 and VVS1 is quite small. The same thing is true for VS1 and VS2. However, moving between VS and VVS has a significant impact on the price.


A pink rose diamond has a brownish tint, which reduces the price and makes it cheaper than a pure pink diamond.


Shape and cut are thought to be the same, but they’re really not. The cut pertains to how the diamond reflects light and its brilliance. Coloured diamonds are cut to reveal their best colour rather than best brilliance.

Why should you invest in 7PR Pink Rose Diamonds?

Purchasing pink rose diamonds is undoubtedly worth it, may it be for sentimental value or financial gains.

The significance of pink colour

Pink is a lovely and delicate colour. It mainly represents femininity, love, and romance. Lighter shades symbolise softness, while darker shades symbolise energy and passion. The pink diamond is an excellent gift to signify unconditional love for a person.

Pink diamonds are rare.

Natural pink diamonds are quite rare, which makes them expensive. The primary source of pink diamonds, the Argyle Mine, already closed in November 2020. They will be holding a tender this year for their last collection of pink diamonds. The prices will surely exponentially increase as jewellery aficionados attempt to get their hands on the last pieces. The lucky bidders will see a massive ROI for the years to come.

Be a proud pink diamond owner with Argyle Diamond Investments

You may be wondering when is the best time to start investing in pink diamonds. The answer to that is as soon as possible! Pink diamonds are no doubt among the priciest gemstones in the world. The closure of its main source, the Argyle Mine, caused its value to skyrocket. The best part is it will still do so in the coming years.

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