5PR Pink Rose Diamonds

Everything you need to know about 5PR Pink Rose Diamonds

Investing in pink diamonds is wise because the values of these gemstones continue to go up annually. Among pink diamonds, those with a pink rose (PR) hue stand out due to their delicate beauty. 5PR pink rose diamonds, in particular, are extremely valuable.

The Grading System: 5PR Pink Rose Diamonds

The grading system for colourless diamond quality takes the four Cs into account: colour, cut, clarity, and carat. This is the Gemmological Institute of America’s (GIA)  standard.

The grading system is pretty similar for pink diamonds, except for one big difference: colour. As a result, pink diamond colouration is graded differently from colourless diamonds. In this regard, the Argyle system is more widely recognised.

The Argyle colour divisions for pink diamonds are the following:

PR diamonds are among the most pleasant ones to look at. A PR diamond is reminiscent of pink roses in full bloom.

Furthermore, the intensity of colouration itself is also graded. A number accompanies the colouration, and the lower this number is, the more intense the colour. For example, a 2PP diamond has a more intense colouration than a 6PP one.

What about 5PR pink rose diamonds? Pink diamonds of this quality are exquisite and beautiful. Due to the intermediate intensity, the colouration isn’t overwhelming and is somewhat soothing to the eye. The rosy hues also complement the intensity well, especially when light hits it the right way.

Why are Pink Rose Diamonds so valuable?

Why are pink diamonds worth so much? 5PR pink rose diamonds, in particular, can reach astonishing values. The reasons for their astronomical prices primarily lie in three factors: their beauty, rarity, and difficulty in processing. This is why pink diamond investments continue to gain in value.

Among the reasons for high pink diamond prices are the following:

1. The beauty of pink diamonds makes them expensive.

Pink diamond beauty speaks for itself — few gemstones can hope to match the elegance of a pink diamond. 5PR diamonds, in particular, are coveted because of their beauty.

2. Pink diamonds are extremely rare; pink rose diamonds even more so.

Pink diamond rarity is a tad more interesting. 90% of the world’s diamond supply comes from one mine in Western Australia. Of all the diamonds that this mine produces, only about 1% are pink diamonds. An even smaller fraction of the 1% is made up of pink rose diamonds.

Of all these pink diamonds mined, only a select few make it as jewellery-worthy stones. The estimate is that only one carat out of a million diamond carats is of sale quality; that makes pink diamonds exceedingly rare and valuable.

3. Pink diamonds are notoriously hard to process.

Diamonds are already hard to cut to begin with. Pink diamonds, in particular, present a new level of difficulty in processing.

The cutting and polishing process for pink diamonds is especially complex. Therefore, bringing out the brilliance of these gems can be challenging. Another factor is that the total carats of pink diamonds are considerably less after processing.

Why should you consider Pink Diamond Investments?

Pink diamonds are an excellent investment. There are many good reasons for investing in 5PR pink rose diamonds. They including the following:

1. Supplies are dwindling.

Unlike many other gemstones, pink diamond supplies are currently dwindling. This is not because of a temporary or virtual shortage; pink diamond supplies are truly scarce.

It used to be that the Argyle mine produced 90% of all the world’s pink diamonds. However, this mine closed late 2020 due to it having drained its diamond reserves.

Due to the Argyle mine closing, what’s left is the tiny 10% of new pink diamonds mined in other areas. This means that even fewer of these are 5PR diamonds.

This is basic economics — lower supply, higher prices. As the closure was relatively recent, now would be a good time to expand your portfolio into pink diamond investments.

2. The demand remains high

Supplies are dwindling while the demand remains high. But, again, basic economics knowledge will tell you that prices will also continue to increase as a result.

Pink diamonds remain desirable and will continue to remain valuable in the future. As such, it is highly doubtful that prices will go down in the foreseeable future.

Due to these reasons, it would be a good choice to invest in 5PR pink diamonds. Do so while the prices are still relatively reasonable.

3. The values just keep rising.

A combination of factors such as low supply and high demand, means that pink diamond values continue to rise annually.

In fact, the prices increased by an average of 18.6% per year. Take note that this rate of increase was before the Argyle mine closed. These values will likely rise even further as a result of the mine’s closure.

4. Pink diamonds are objectively graded.

As was shown earlier, there is an official way of grading the quality of pink diamonds. The mere existence of these grading methods lends a lot of objectivity to how valuable these gemstones are.

Since grading pink diamonds is objective, investors can rest well knowing the true value of their diamond investments. Furthermore, this helps make sure that these investments cannot be faked. The money is safe as long as the diamonds are intact.

5. Values are certifiable and hard to falsify

Serious investors and buyers of pink diamonds will look for certification of the gem’s quality. Since there are official governing bodies that do the certifications, the values can be difficult to falsify. This means that fraudulent transactions are highly unlikely when pink diamond investments are concerned.

5PR Pink Diamonds are an excellent investment

Pink diamonds are beautiful, rare, and exceedingly valuable. If you are looking for something to invest your money in, 5PR pink diamonds are an excellent choice.

So, why not invest with a company that goes straight to the source? Argyle Diamond Investments is your best choice.

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