4PR Pink Rose Diamonds

Understanding 4PR Diamonds

The Pink Rose (PR) diamond is the third classification in the Argyle Grading Scale, underneath Pink (P) and Purplish Pink (PP). Pink Rose diamonds are considered one of the rarer gems of the pink diamond variety and therefore fetch a tremendously competitive investment price. Due to their ongoing increase in value, the Pink Rose diamond is becoming one of the more sought-after pink diamonds for diamond investors.

Identifying a 4PR Diamond

4PR diamonds are ranked fourth on the Argyle grading scale and are the mid-point of Pink Rose diamonds.

Comparing 4PR diamonds to other Pink Rose diamonds

4PR Pink Rose diamonds have a distinctive brownish tint to them, as with all Pink Rose diamonds but their colour saturation is not as dark as PR diamonds that are higher on the Argyle colour grading scale. They are still considered rare diamonds but due to their lower saturation level, they don’t fetch as high a price as other Pink Rose diamonds. With that being said, the 4PR Pink Rose diamond is still a beautiful addition to an investment portfolio, as it is a great mid-range investment diamond that won’t break the bank but will still return a good long-term investment result.

Is there a good time to invest in 4PR diamonds?

Overall, there is no good or bad time to start your investment portfolio in pink diamonds. More specifically, Pink Rose diamonds are a great investment choice due to their overall rarity and beauty.

4PR Pink Rose diamonds are a great beginner’s choice as they fetch a good investment price and a good long-term result. Due to the supply and demand imbalance of pink diamonds in general, their investment value is only likely to continue increasing for the foreseeable future. So, there is no better time than the present to start investing.

How to start your 4PR Pink Rose diamond investment

The most important point to consider when making the decision to start your pink diamond investment portfolio, is to always consult a professional in the field. A gemological expert can guide you through the process of choosing your 4PR diamond, provide you with accurate advice about the diamond investment market and help ensure that your pink diamond is certified correctly to ensure a good result on your investment.

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4PR Pink Rose Diamonds - Pink rose diamond