3PR Pink Rose Diamonds

Everything you need to know about 3PR Pink Rose Diamonds

The Pink Rose diamond the third classification in the Argyle Grading Scale, below Pink (P) and Purplish Pink (PP) diamond. Pink Rose diamonds are considered rare gems and as such have an extremely competitive investment value. As one of the most expensive diamond types in the world, it is no wonder that Pink Rose Diamonds are fastly becoming the choice for diamond investors around the world.

Identifying a 3PR Pink Rose Diamond

The burgundy tint of the Pink Rose diamond makes it distinctively recognisable amongst other pink diamond classifications. The 3PR diamond ranks third on the Argyle Grading Scale below 2PR and 1PR. Stone classified a 3PR have a vivid pink hue with a noticeably burgundy tint. These stones are also highly saturated and have a darker overall tone.

What are 3PR Pink Rose Diamonds Worth?

When valuing a 3PR diamond, the price will depend on not only its colour but its cut and clarity as well. Pink Rose diamonds can fetch quite a high investment price due to their rarity and beautiful aesthetic. From an investors point of view, these coloured stones are captivating and due to their rarity, are extremely hard to come by, making their value ever increasing.

When should I invest in a 3PR Diamond?

When making the decision to invest in 3PR Pink Rose diamonds or any pink diamond for that matter, it is important to remember that pink diamonds are significantly rarer and as such, fetch a much higher investment price than other coloured and colourless diamonds. There is no right time to start your pink diamond investment. Given the closure of the Argyle Diamond Mine at the end of 2020, the availability of these beautiful pink rose stones is set to reduce, even though demand for them is high. As a simple supply and demand imbalance is likely to occur once the last of the pink diamonds are removed from the mine, it is best to snap up your pink rose diamond before they are impossible to come by.

How to invest in 3PR Pink Rose Diamonds?

It is essential that you always consult an expert in the gemmological field before leaping into the world of pink diamond investment. Given that more and more pink diamonds are manufactured in a lab setting, rather than naturally in the ground, it is important to ensure the stone has Argyle Diamond certification to reinforce its authenticity. Natural PR diamonds are worth significantly more than lab manufactured stones. The team at Argyle Diamond Investments can assist you today. The world of diamond investment is volatile and constantly changing. At Argyle Diamond Investments, we ensure you are making the best financial investment for your portfolio. Contact us today!

3PR Pink Rose Diamonds - Pink Rose Diamond