2PR Pink Rose Diamonds

Everything you need to know about 2PR Pink Rose Diamonds

In the world of pink diamonds, there are none more spectacular than the Pink Rose classifications. The diamonds have a primary pink colour with a burgundy tint, giving off a somewhat ‘rosy’ colouring. These diamonds are the third level of pink diamonds in the Argyle colour grading scale below ‘pink’ and ‘purplish pink’.

The 2PR Pink Rose Diamond

The burgundy tint of the PR diamond makes it distinctively recognisable amongst other pink diamond classifications. The 2PR diamond ranks second on the Argyle grading chart, meaning that it has a vivid hue, is highly saturated and is darker overall in tone.

Valuing a 2PR Pink Rose Diamond

The value of the 2PR Pink Rose Diamond is based mainly on the vividness of its pink colour. Rarity and colour are the two significant factors that determine the price of a diamond. In the Argyle grading scale, pink rose diamonds are among the most valuable and 2PR diamonds are the second most expensive of this category. Diamond investors are cashing in on pink rose diamonds as they are a smart and long-term investment. As an investor looking to purchase, a 2PR Pink Rose diamond could fetch upwards of $700,000 per carat, depending on their colour, clarity and cut and also the location of purchase. Due to their rarity however, natural Pink Rose diamonds can be hard to come by.

Is a 2PR Pink Rose Diamond Worth It?

From an investors point of view, a 2PR diamond is highly collectable and should one come available, it would be an investors dream. The quality and vividness of a 2PR diamond is captivating and no doubt, a jaw dropper for the affluent investor.

When is the right time to invest in 2PR Pink Rose Diamonds?

In hindsight, there is no better time than the present to invest in pink diamonds of any classification. With the shutdown of the Argyle mine in late 2020, the supply of these beautiful coloured stones is going to diminish as the Western Australian facility supplied almost 90% of the worlds supply of pink diamonds. The rarity of Pink Rose diamonds specifically and their potential for long-term return on investment means that they are a great choice for pink diamond aficionados and investors alike.

Making the decision to invest in 2PR Pink Rose Diamonds

When making the decision to invest in 2PR Pink Rose diamonds or any pink diamond for that matter, it is essential that you always consult an expert in the gemmological field. Ensure that the stone has Argyle Diamond certification to reinforce its authenticity and ensure the diamond classification is exactly how it is advertised. If you are new to the world of pink diamond investments, contact Argyle Diamond Investments today! They can help you get on the road to diamond investment success as they have helped hundreds of investors expand their portfolios and can answer all of your pink diamond related questions. Don’t hesitate, take the leap today and join the world of pink diamond investment.

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