1PR Pink Rose Diamonds

Everything you need to know about 1PR Pink Rose Diamonds

The value of Pink Rose Diamonds is based mainly on the vividness of its pink colour. Rarity and colour are the two significant factors that determine the price of a diamond. In the Argyle scale, pink rose diamonds are among the most valuable and 1PR diamonds are the most expensive of this category. 1PR diamonds have vivid pinkish rose colour, which continually captivates the interest and adoration of many jewellery aficionados.

The 1PR pink rose diamond

The Pink Rose diamond is the three-level in the Argyle colour chart. The first in rank is the PP (Purplish Pink), next are the P (Pink) diamonds, and the third in line are pink rose diamonds. All of these stones under the pink diamond umbrella are all rare gems, making it all highly valuable. It is not uncommon to see 1PR pink rose diamonds to have a $10,000 and up price tag. It is one of the most expensive diamonds on the market, and the majority of these stones are from Argyle, in Australia. 

How much are PR diamonds?

Prices of diamonds vary greatly depending on who is selling the gem. However, if one will surf the internet, 1PR pink rose diamonds command a very high value. It is common to see prices that are up to $1,000,000 for one to two carats, and that’s the gem alone. It will exponentially increase in price if placed as a centrepiece of a jewellery item such as a ring or necklace. In the Argyle colour grading scale, diamonds with higher pink saturation will be more expensive because of its rarity. Pink diamonds are among the rarest type of diamonds in the world, consisting roughly 0.001% of all diamonds mined in all of history. 

Deciding on buying pink rose diamonds

Before buying, you should understand that pink rose diamonds are typically much more expensive compared to white, bright diamonds. It is due to the rarity of the crystals, especially pink ones. Remember that with the price of most pink diamonds today, you can buy smaller sized white diamonds. Buying one pink diamond may be as expensive as two or three rings with bright, white diamonds. So, it is up to you what to choose, and also what type of jewellery you want. A pink rose diamond engagement ring may be more expensive, but it is a treasure that you will bestow to your love one, practically for life. 

What pink diamond to buy?

If you’ve finally decided that you’re going to buy a pink diamond, you need to choose the size of the diamond you’re going to purchase. Remember that bigger carat stones will be more expensive compared to two or three small carat stones that equal the same weight. It is because bigger carat pink diamonds are much rarer, thus the higher value and price. So, it would be best if you planned, especially when you’re spending this amount on a pink diamond. Do you want one jewellery item with a massive stone or a ring and necklace with small rocks? 

Is buying a pink diamond worth it?

It depends on your reasons for buying. However, the sure thing is that once you’ve bought a pink diamond, you have purchased a real treasure. Pink diamonds are highly valuable that it can be an excellent investment for some. On the other hand, if you’re planning on giving this to a love one, it is truly a show of how you value other people. An engagement ring with a huge pink diamond as the centrepiece will quickly become an heirloom and may pass down through the generations. Though highly value and will increase incredibly through time, jewellery mean as a symbol of relationship are typically not sold or pawned. So, keep this in mind, especially if you are to spend a better half of your assets on these highly-priced gems.

When to buy a pink diamond?​

Suppose you are really into buying this kind of diamond and have the money, the right time to buy it now. The Argyle mines, which is the primary source of pink diamonds, is rapidly depleting that by the end of 2020, it is expected to shut down completely. Immediately after the shutdown, the price of pink diamonds will surely skyrocket, which will be large enough that you will have to pay considerably more to buy one at that time than today. So, if one is to advise on when is the right time to buy pink diamonds, the answer is a resounding, today!


Pink diamonds are among the Earth’s amazing treasures that only a small percentage of humanity can enjoy. If you have been blessed with all the resources needed for you, own on, treasure it highly. A pink diamond is one rare find that you won’t want to slip out of your hands. Buy pink diamonds now and own a portion of the Earth’s precious treasures made billions of years ago, hidden under the tumultuous environment of the planet’s interior. 

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