7P Pink Diamonds

Everything you need to know about 7P Pink Diamonds

Are you wondering whether the 7P pink diamond fits your investment needs? Let us dive deeper into understanding the 7P pink diamond. In essence, 7P pink diamonds flaunt a fairly light shade of pink, almost pale pink, yet they aren’t as light as the 8P diamonds. They might not sell at as higher price than Fancy Vivid pink diamonds that belong to the 1P grade, but they will surely fetch a better price tag when compared to colourless diamonds.

How to choose the perfect shape for 7P Pink Diamonds?

The shape that your 7P diamond acquires through the cutting process will help determine its actual value. The 7P diamonds’ shape acts as the eminent launching point for its price tag. While some shapes tend to enhance the colour of a diamond, others might not seem as practical. The best way to determine what works with your 7P pink diamonds is to consult a diamond cutting expert who can analyse your pink diamond and help you decide which cut is going to showcase the colour within your 7P stone. Here are a few diamond shapes that you can try out!

How is the 7P different from the 6P Pink diamond?

While both these colour grades look somewhat similar, it is just a matter of a single shade. The 6P pink diamond is a shade darker as opposed to the 7P diamond. In essence, a 6P pink diamond will fetch a better price as opposed to the 7P pink diamond. This is due to the fact that the 7P has a faint tint which means it leans more toward a colourless diamond classification.

However, you can upgrade your 7P pink diamond by getting the best cut for it. Apart from the cut, the clarity factor also comes into play. If your diamond cut tends to enhance the existing blemishes or inclusions, your 7P pink diamond will further degrade its price. However, if you plan the cut in accordance with the inclusions or blemishes, you can very well hide them and fetch a better price for it.

Remember, colour isn’t a sole factor that can decide the price of your pink diamond. It is just one of the many factors, which include:

Should you purchase 7P pink diamonds?

With 7P pink diamonds, if you are only looking for colour-based aesthetics, it might not work well for you. However, if you are looking for a coloured diamond at a budget price for the investment, the 7P pink diamond is a worthwhile investment. They are still better than the colourless diamonds. Keep in mind that the clarity and cut will also play a role in the price factor, so make sure you decide accordingly.

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