6P Pink Diamonds

Everything you need to know about 6P Pink Diamonds

In the world of diamonds, the rarer your stone, the higher its value. Depending on the colour and the clarity grade you pick for your investment needs, the price can vary significantly. While the 1P pink diamonds attract the highest price, the 6P pink diamonds might not be as expensive as you would expect, making them great investment for the first time pink diamond investor.

When investing in 6P pink diamonds, you enter a rank in the grading system that inclines more towards the colourless diamonds. Also known as Fancy, this diamond grade consists of a diamond with a fainter shade of pink as compared to other pink classified diamonds.

Why should you choose 6P Pink Diamonds?

If you are on a budget, 6P pink diamonds are a great investment choice. When investing in 6P pink diamonds, not only is your desire to get a pink diamond fulfilled, but you will also save a lot of money. Granted, it isn’t as vivid in terms of colour as compared to the Fancy Vivid 1P diamond, but it is still categorised as a light shade of the pink diamond on the Argyle Grading Scale.

You can make up for the loss in the pink shade with a beautiful cut that enhances the existing colour of the stone. In order to make the pink diamond shine brighter, you should try out the classic round cut or princess cut. These cuts refract the light through the pink diamond, making it shine in its best light, showing off the pink colouring within the stone. However, several other cuts that work best with the 6P pink diamonds and enhance the colour embedded within while hiding the existing flaws include:

Should I purchase a 6P Pink Diamond?

Regardless of their hue, pink diamonds are always an amazing investment. However, before you purchase a 6P diamond, make sure you check for the authenticity of the source of the diamond.

The 6P pink diamond is considered an entry level investment compared to other pink diamonds higher on the grading scale, they are great for those investors working on a budget but still wanting to put their hat in the ring.

Where can you purchase the 6P Pink diamond?

If you are looking for a reliable service provider for diamond investment requisites, it is better that you go with someone that is connected straight to the source. At Argyle Diamond Investments, we curate an amazing collection of 6P pink diamonds whose source is Australia’s Argyle Diamond Mine. We use a stringent testing procedure to ensure that all the stones come with the best hue, clarity, and cut. So, start investing with us today! Contact us today and let our team help you start your 6P pink diamond investment portfolio.

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