4P Pink Diamonds

How to buy the best pink diamond and what factors to consider during purchase

Do you want to buy 4P pink diamonds, but don’t know anything about them? These are the diamonds that rank 4th in line after the 1P, 2P, and 3P pink diamonds. Also known as Fancy Intense Pink, this particular diamond is a shade lighter than its predecessor, 3P diamond. It can be categorized under the dark-pink hue with five more grading ranks below it.

How is the 4P Pink Diamond graded?

As opposed to colourless diamonds, the fancy-coloured pink diamonds attain their grades depending on their hue. The grading can also be affected by the diamond cut and how it reflects the light and intensifies the hue originally present within the diamond.

Now, most of us are confused with regard to the exact definition for the terms “Hue”, “Saturation”, and “Tone”. In essence, the term hue defines the dominant colour embedded within the crystal, while the word tone defines the darkness or lightness of the colour. Lastly, the word saturation defines the intensity of colour. For example, the saturation of a diamond can ranges anywhere from light rose colour to the vivid pink shades.

How does the colour grade affect the price of 4P diamonds?

True pink diamonds are rather rare, and a significant percentage of natural pink diamonds are mined from the Australian Argyle Mine. Those who want to buy a pink diamond for investment purposes should look for darker shade stones as opposed to the lighter ones. Where colour and price are concerned, the deeper the colour of the pink stone, the higher the price tag.

However, this is true only for investors. Hobbyists or personal buyers on the other hand may feel free to opt for a colour that gels well with their requirements. Not everyone likes the deep pink shade. While some prefer faint pinkish shade for their diamonds, others seek a balance between the deep pink and white.

Depending on the market demand, the price of the 4P diamonds can also vary. In general, the 4P pink diamonds are more affordable when compared to the ones on the higher side of colour grading system like 1P, 2P, or 3P diamonds.

What else factors into the pricing for 4P Pink diamonds?

Now, it isn’t just the colour that affects the price of 4P Pink diamonds. Other factors including the diamond cut, clarity, shape, setting, location of blemishes, etc. also come into play when deciding the actual price of the pink diamond. Though all of them are important to consider when buying a 4P pink diamond, the most important factors among these critical ones are the cut and diamond clarity.

If your 4P pink diamond comes with several inclusions within it, the price tag might get substantially lower. When looking for the perfect 4P diamond for investment purposes, you need to opt for a popular cut that will successfully increase the resale potential.

Should you purchase 4P pink diamonds?

Even though the 4P pink diamonds are 4th in position after their predecessors, they still rank towards the higher end of the grading system. That is why the 4P pink diamonds can be a great purchase. However, you need to keep in mind that the diamond cut and clarity enhance its existing market value. If you are someone in need of a more affordable option without compromising the colour factor, you can safely choose 4P pink diamonds as a reliable investment choice.

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