3P Pink Diamonds

Making the best pink diamond purchase, and everything you need to know about 3P pink diamonds

The 3P pink diamonds flaunt a shade that is known as the Fancy Deep Pink. This particular shade is two levels lighter than the fancy vivid 1P /2P pink diamonds.

In this range, the colour is vividly prominent and can be categorised as deep pink. The 3P pink diamond doesn’t rank in the “Poor Colour” range. They are truly gorgeous fancy coloured pink diamonds.

What introduces a pink colour in 3P diamonds?

Diamonds are essentially made from carbon atoms that are arranged in a rigid tetrahedron pattern. Most of the naturally-coloured 3P pink diamonds are created due to the distortions present in the crystal lattice of the diamond. This is caused due to the intense pressure and heat coming from different directions during the formation of the stone in the Earth.

Depending on the distortion present in the 3P pink diamonds, the reflection of colours might differ vividly. The distortion here displaces multiple carbon atoms from their actual position. This happens to alter the light quality that is reflected by your 3P pink diamonds. The better the distortions will be, the more saturated your diamond colour will be.

This means your 3P pink diamonds aren’t as distorted in terms of carbon atoms, as opposed to the 1P pink diamonds. The 3P pink diamonds special not just due to the colour and structure, but also because of their rare occurrence.

Clarity of 3P Pink Diamonds

When it comes to the diamond clarity of 3P pink diamonds, the colour won’t matter unless you get a diamond that has minimal inclusions or blemishes. A pink diamond from 3P colour grade is a great option if the cut and clarity enhance its hue. If the pink diamond from the 3P grade doesn’t have quality clarity, it might not be worth your investment because it won’t get you the best returns.

What is the difference between 2P and 3P Pink Diamonds?

If you are confused about the difference between 2P and 3P pink diamonds, both these grades are amazing when it comes to investment needs. Though there is just a hint of difference in the shade and intensity of pink you get, both of them are fairly desirable. However, the price for the diamonds would depend upon how the 3P or 2P pink diamond has been cut for perfection. If the 3P or 2P diamond has been cut to hide imperfections, they will certainly bring a better price in the market regardless of their pink hue. However, the visible inclusions can make it harder for the diamond to fetch an expected price.

Should you buy the 3P pink diamonds?

Yes, you should definitely purchase the 3P pink diamonds! They tend to lean towards the near-perfect side of pink diamonds. If you are looking for a dark hue in the pink family, this might not be as close an option, but it definitely stands out. Make sure you check for any blemishes or inclusions that might alter the look of 3P pink diamonds. When purchasing 3P diamonds, you should always ask for colour and clarity certification. Doing your due diligence will ensure you land an authentic 3P pink diamond.

Where can you buy the 3P pink diamonds?

Argyle Diamond Investments brings you the best and highest-quality 3P pink diamonds that are mined from the famous diamond mines in Western Australia. We opt for a data-driven system for evaluation of the pink diamonds, depending on the rarity, market demand, clarity, colour, and grade. So if you’re looking for the best and most reliable investment partner, you can always trust us. Give us a call today or get in contact via email to make sure you get the best advice for you diamond buiying experience!

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