1P Pink Diamonds

All the important facts about 1P pink diamonds and how to decide if you should buy a pink diamond

When it comes to colour grading, a typical system for pink diamonds starts with 1P going all the way to 9P, which is just a shade above classic white diamonds. In this grading system, 1P pink diamonds flaunt the deepest colour in the pink shade. This gradually decreases as you proceed higher in the colour grading system.

How is the value of 1P Pink Diamonds determined?

Given the fact that they acquire the highest rank in the colour grading system, it is obvious that 1P pink diamonds tend to attract the highest bidders. However, there are several factors that determine the exact value of the 1P pink diamonds. Imagine that you have your hands on a 1P pink diamond and another 3P pink diamond. However, the 3P diamond comes with precision cut and clarity while the former hasn’t been worked on perfectly and has numerous inclusions present.

Now, any serious diamond bidder will prefer the 3P pink diamond with precision cut and clarity as opposed to the 1P pink diamond that doesn’t come with the above factors. You need to keep in mind four factors: cut, clarity, carat, and colour. Finding the purest pink diamonds with no tinting from secondary colours can be extremely rare.

Determining Factors for 1P Pink Diamonds

There are three different attributes that help determine the 1P pink diamond’s colour grade:

Is the 1P pink diamond worth buying?

While the colour with 1P pink diamonds is perfect, this isn’t the sole determinant of its value. The value of your diamond will vary depending on the cut and clarity. So, if you have plans to buy a 1P pink diamond, you need to keep in mind the cut as that helps produce the best reflection and thus helps display the colour in the best way possible.

Additionally, you need to go for clarity that has minimal inclusions that aren’t visible to the naked eye. Anything with inclusions or blemishes that are only visible through the 10x magnification is ideal.

If it is for aesthetic purposes, colour plus clarity is what drives the sales. However, with regards to investment needs, you must stick with diamonds that have negligible inclusions even when seen under the 10x magnification.

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