PC3 Pink Champagne Diamonds

Everything you need to know about PC3 Pink Champagne Diamonds

Known for their unique colour, pink champagne diamonds are steadily gaining popularity among diamond investors around the world. The Argyle Diamond Mine in Western Australia is the world’s largest producers of these rare and beautiful coloured gemstones. Since its closure at the end of 2020, the demand for the beautiful champagne pink stones has become prefound amongst pink diamond investors.

Understanding champagne diamonds

Champagne diamonds are among the rarest stones that are mined throughout the world. The stones exhibit a vivid pinkish hue with a stunning brown or yellow tint, giving it the classic champagne brown colour. The colour of these stones is mesmorising and one of the reasons that pink champagne diamonds have become very sought after by pink diamond investors. Pink champagne diamonds are one of the only diamonds graded on the Argyle grading scale to be numbered upwards in order of clarity, with 1 being the lowest quality clarity and 3 being the highest.

Why choose a PC3 Pink Champagne?

A pink diamond that has been classified as PC3 is identified as having the very best quality amongst other pink champagne diamonds. As the highest clarity on the Argyle grading scale, the PC3 diamond is very sought after and fetches a higher price than pink champagne diamonds lower rated on the Argyle grading scale. PC3 diamonds are also less likely to have imperfections and blemishes throughout, making them a superior choice for investors and collectors alike.

Uses of PC3 Pink Champagne Diamonds

Pink champagne diamonds as a whole have become very popular in the construction of beautiful pieces of jewellery. The pink hue with the brownish hue compliments both gold and silver metals alike, making the stone a premium choice for statement pieces. PC3 diamonds, in particular are the most popular choice due to their intense colour.

Comparing prices of PC3 Diamonds

When compared with other grades of pink diamonds, pink champagnes, while still extremely desirable, are considered to have a more reasonable investment price that pink diamonds with other ratings on the Argyle grading scale such as PP (purplish pink), PR (pink rose) and just P (pink). PC3 pink champagnes are the most expensive pink champagne diamonds as they are the highest clarity of the grading classification. The investment price of the pink champagne will depend largely on the weight, and clarity.

Investment Decisions to Consider when Choosing to invest in Pink Champagne Diamonds

When making the decision to start investing in pink diamonds or more specifically, pink champagne diamonds, it is always important to consult with a reputable diamond expert such as the tram from Argyle Diamond Investments. Your expert should be knowledgeable about the specifics of the diamond you are looking to purchase, aware of the market of diamond investment and willing to assist you to get the best return on your pink diamond investment. Pink champagne diamonds are an excellent choice for investors as they are relatively low risk with the potential for high returns. While pink diamond investment is always going to be a gamble, as with any form of investment, the team at Argyle Diamond Investments are ready to help you start your pink diamond portfolio today!  

PC3 Pink Champagne Diamonds - PC3 Pink Champagne Diamonds