Natural Colour Pink Champagne Diamonds

What makes pink champagne diamonds so special, how to select the right one and why diamonds are a good investment option

Pink diamonds are one of the rarest types of diamonds in the world and most come from the famed Argyle mines in Western Australia. It’s amazing to think that only 0.01% of all diamonds extracted from the mines are pink diamonds. Now 90% of all pink diamonds – that tiny percentage – come from the Argyle mine and the pink stones from these mines are considered the rarest in the world. 

Each carat of pink champagne diamonds can typically cost between $30,000 to $100,000; making it one of the most expensive stones sold in the market. Included in the family of pink diamonds are natural colour pink champagne diamonds. These stones don’t cost quite as much as a purely pink diamond, but still have incredible value, beauty and investment potential. Here are some facts about pink champagne diamonds and why they are the better option for people desiring an excellent and and simultaneously stylish alternative for the revered vivid pink diamond.

How are pink champagne diamonds formed?

Champagne diamonds are those that have certain impurities which give it a brownish or yellowish tint. The Argyle mines produce most of the global supply of pink diamonds, but pink champagne diamonds are amongst these which makes them one of the rare gemstones the mines produce for the market. Though impurities cause the yellow and brownish tint of champagne diamonds, the pink hue is from (according to the latest theories) the imperfect alignment of carbon atoms. The misalignment causes the pink life to diffuse, giving the stone a pinkish, and in some cases dark pink or red look. 

Pink champagne diamonds are rare but not as expensive as vivid pinks or the flawless pink diamonds. However, because of the captivating colour pink champagne diamonds exude, these stones were gradually adapted for jewelry designs. 

Why are Pink diamonds so famous?

If you observe the jewelry market today, you can easily see that pink diamonds are more popular than their traditional white counterparts. The earliest popular account of pink diamonds is during the 17th century – reports surfaced of a large pink diamond in India which is believed to have eventually become the two gems seen in the crown jewels of Iran. These two pink diamonds are called the Daria-I-Noor and Noor-ul-Ain. 

Through the years, the popularity of pink diamonds increased, especially in the 19th century when mines in South Africa started finding these rare gemstones. However, the chances of finding even one pink gem are so remote that if one is discovered, it always cause for joy. One of the large pink diamonds that came out of South Africa is the “Pink Legacy,” which was owned by the Oppenheimer. They also owned the mine where this massive stone was mined, the De Beers. 

Fast forward to today – the appearance of pink diamonds gradually crept into Hollywood, and many celebrities have found another glamorous item that they can flaunt during their public appearances. Personalities such as Jennifer Lopez, Anna Kournikova, Victoria Beckham, and Blake Lively have all displayed their share of pink diamonds, which further ramps up the value of these gemstones. 

Is buying pink champagne diamonds worth it?

Champagne diamonds are stones that have impurities that turn them yellow, brown and even vivid red. However, pink champagne diamonds are at the top of the champagne family, the combination of champagne tones and pink colouring makes them exceptionally beautiful; though these are priced lower when compared to clear pink diamonds. On average, the price of pink champagne diamonds is around $2,000 – $3.000 per carat. It is cheaper compared to vivid clear pink diamonds, which are valued exponentially higher.

Currently, the majority of pink diamonds are from the Argyle mines in Western Australia. However, the mines are ‘drying” up as its deposits of diamond ore is rapidly depleting, and plans to close the mines in 2021 come ever closer. Many are now trying to get their hands on the last pieces of pink diamonds from these mines. These stones will continue to rise in value, especially since there’s a good possibility that no other mines will ever compete with the number of diamonds – both clear, pink and coloured diamonds – that this mine produced.

So if you are planning to buy a gemstone, it would be very wise to think about investing in pink diamonds now, before the closure of the Argyle mines. If you are thinking of buying a pink champagne diamond – yesterday is not soon enough. Download our free EBook on diamond investments and pink diamond information, and call our awesome team to get great advice to get started on your investment journey. 

Natural Colour Pink Champagne Diamonds - Natural Colour Pink Champagne Diamonds