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Sydney Pink Diamond Investments

Like gold or oil, pink diamonds have always been an effective instrument of power – to the point that there is also a legend that it is an infallible investment. But beware! This is not always the case. To properly manage the value of the Queen of all gems if you inherit, buy or sell one, you have to be not only well advised, but well informed. “The world of diamonds is very complex for those who do not have a professional knowledge of the sector”.

Everything you need to know about pink diamond investments in sydney

Pink Diamonds Sydney gives two basic tips when you have (or aspire to have) a pink diamond in your hands. The first, that both to acquire and to sell you have to choose the establishment very well to deal with trusted professionals. The second is to consider your tax and superannuation/retirement fund details when making such an investment. 

As one of the biggest financial and business hubs in Australia, the Capital of New South Wales thrives with investment activity and supports several high-end investment quality gem dealers. Home to over 20% of the nation’s population with 5.2 million residents and growing, the demand for investment quality pink diamonds is ever increasing. 

The minimums that you must demand

Let’s go step by step. The first thing is to choose the diamond, which must meet certain minimums of size and quality, and then determine its value. The relative rarity of such pink diamonds results in a premium that can be placed upon an Australian Pink Diamond. The best colour grades to consider are saturation of 1 – 6, in colours Purplish Pink (PP) and Pink (P) followed by Pink Rose (PR) since these have definite pink hue visible to the naked eye. When considering the shape of a diamond for investment it is wise to prefer traditional fancy cuts such as Asscher, emerald, oval, pear, marquise, radiant, cushion, heart, princess, and round brilliant shape diamonds, as these are considered more desirable, are better known and may return a greater profit over non-traditional modified fancy shapes. 

When to buy? And sell?

The price of the dollar affects the rises and falls in the price of pink diamonds, which, in general, do not usually lose value. Although “they recover well from price falls and economic crises, their prices are independent of government laws and have guaranteed convertibility at any time worldwide, that is, it is an alternative currency that, like gold, is accepted with the same value anywhere in the world ”, explains Pink Diamonds Sydney, and adds that “the strength against the dollar indicates a good moment for the sale and, if the relationship of forces between currencies is the opposite, for the acquisition.”

Why is it good to wait?

One of the great advantages of pink diamonds is that “they do not involve maintenance costs like a piece of art”. That is the reason why, in addition to not advising the purchase as an investment to those who want quick benefits, one must be patient and look for the optimal moment so that the purchase or sale is as beneficial as possible. A quality diamond never ceases to be a tangible asset that “can be safely kept at home to bequeath or sold as necessary”, Pink Diamonds Sydney sums up.

Pink Diamonds Sydney is dedicated to the brilliance of diamonds & explains in detail the rules that determine its price (mentioned above) and that professionals summarize in the four C’s. “Carat weight or carats (weight), colour, clarity, and cut – the only characteristic that is not given by nature but by the skill of professionals”.