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Most people think primarily about pink diamonds as an ornamental element embedded within a piece of jewellery, whether it is a ring, pendant or bracelet — but pink diamonds can be so much more!   

Investing in pink diamonds is a sophisticated way to diversify your investment portfolios while simultaneously gaining long-term security for your investing future. As a sought-after commodity with universal appeal as a form of currency, pink diamonds in Perth represent an exciting opportunity for local investors.

An investment to rival gold and silver as a long-term strategy

Traditionally, precious metals such as gold and silver have been most heavily associated with long-term, safe commodity investments. But other options have since become increasingly prominent among investors, including diamonds — particularly Argyle pink diamonds from Perth. It’s an exciting investment opportunity for those in the know. Pink diamonds offer many of the same benefits as other commodities while also bringing their own unique strengths for investors. 

With that said, diamonds are new territory for many investors, and when it comes to looking for where to buy Argyle pink diamonds in Perth, it can be difficult to decide the best place to start. But that’s where Pink Diamond Investments comes in. We hand select the best investment stones directly from the mine in Western Australia and offer complimentary, insured transport to all of our clients across Perth. Before you begin searching for the perfect diamond, there are a few points worth considering. 

When it comes to comparing precious metal and diamond investment, choosing pink diamonds means opting for an investment that performs slightly differently to silver, gold or platinum. Demand for diamonds — whether red, blue, pink, white or otherwise — tends to operate on a different cycle than precious metals. This is influenced by a variety of different factors, including supply and demand, trends within the jewellery industry and wider consumer awareness. 

There have been strong fluctuations in the diamond market over the last two decades, and it’s been good news for investors. The increased profitability and investment value have surpassed most expectations, especially over the last 15 years.

Part of this has been both due to increased scarcity and greater public awareness around this distinctly Australian style of diamond. In fact, Australia has traditionally been the country with the greatest pink diamond output when it comes to investment-quality precious stones. 

Pink Diamond Investments are especially well-placed when you consider that the region is the main hub through which more than 50% of Australian diamond operations pass.

Benefits of investing in pink diamonds

 For long-term investors, pink diamonds have several fantastic benefits, including:

  • Price stability and revaluation — Contrary to what happens with other movable property whose value may be reduced over time due to progressive aging, pink diamond value remains intact over time. In addition, price stability and a historical average annual revaluation of between 11 and 18% mean that an Argyle diamond investment is excellent insurance against inflation, as well as against economic crises.
  • Convertibility — Pink diamonds are an accepted commodity practically anywhere in the world; much like precious metals, they are a universal currency. If we want to sell them, we have to go through diamond experts or professional auction houses, which ensures that each diamond is assessed and valued correctly.
  • Transportability and low maintenance — Small stones can be easily transported, and once deposited in a safe storage space or facility, pink diamonds have zero maintenance costs.
  • Progressive shortages – In December 2020, the world’s main pink diamond mine was depleted, which is an excellent indication of the appreciation that this gemstone may experience over time.

How can I invest in pink diamonds?

There are many things to consider when it comes to purchasing the perfect pink diamond to invest in or finding an alternative way to invest in pink diamonds, and some of the most important considerations include:

  • Purchasing ‘investment quality’ — For a long time now, entities have been trading in what is known as investment pink diamonds. These are pink diamonds with very specific characteristics in terms of weight, colour, cut and clarity, which make them especially valuable gemstones.
  • Purchasing rare and large pieces — Without a doubt, the best investments to make in a pink diamond are those that are very rare or large pieces. Rare coloured pink, red and blue diamonds, represent a large investment. Their scarcity allows for rapid appreciation, but it should be noted that these types of diamonds will always be at a premium price.

Avoiding a bad pink diamond investment purchase

When you are ready to invest some capital in a pink diamond, there are a couple of things to consider and steer clear of. Here are some common mistakes that people can make when it comes to making a diamond purchase:

  • Purchasing pink diamond jewellery — Pink diamond jewellery is generally not considered a good form of investment. The exorbitant margins charged on design and brand quality result in the sale price far exceeding the intrinsic value of the diamonds or precious metal used. Jewellery should be purchased for the clear purpose of personal enjoyment and not as a form of investment. It is true that in case of dire need, you can always pawn or undersell this type of item, you can hardly expect to obtain a positive return. 
  • Thinking that size doesn’t matter — Broadly speaking, people seeking argyle pink diamonds for sale in Perth fall into one of three categories: investors, jewellery connoisseurs and collectors. But if you’re not equipped with the right information, misleading sellers can potentially encourage poor investment. Our guide on why size does matter can be helpful for selecting better investments.
  • Diamond price manipulation — It must be taken into account that like any other goods, the price of diamonds is highly influenced by the supply, i.e. the number of precious stones that are in the market. Pink diamonds have enjoyed extraordinary price stability as over the past 15 years only 0.0004% of the world’s diamond production has been Argyle certified pink, red and blue diamonds. It is true that white diamonds are in considerable demand by the industry (in fact, only 20% of the diamonds mined are destined for jewellery), and world reserves are gradually being depleted. However, unlike Argyle pink diamonds, it should be noted that white diamond prices have been continuously manipulated.
  • Online shopping — Although almost all reputable pink diamond houses have an online presence, the buying process should always be done in person and through an expert. Otherwise, you can fall victim to the sale of synthetic diamonds or fake diamonds for the price of real pink diamonds. 

Find the perfect stone at Argyle Diamond Investments

Hand selecting the best stones from the mine in Western Australia, Pink Diamond Investments can offer a distinctive and attractive investment opportunity that can form an excellent complement to the rest of your portfolio. As experts who deal extensively in the diamond trade, we’re equipped to provide you with up-to-date information on pink diamonds for sale in Perth, as well as the rest of the country.

To find out more about buying pink Argyle diamonds wholesale in Perth or to arrange a VIP pink diamond viewing, get in touch with the team at Argyle Diamond Investments today. We’ll be more than happy to discuss your investment options and explain how pink diamonds can suit your future needs. Argyle Diamond Investments can help you build the future you want, with the ideal assets for it.


No. The last diamond mine in Australia, the Argyle, closed in November 2020. It was one of the world’s leading sources for pink diamonds, which has naturally meant that there is a decreased availability for pink diamonds around the globe. 

Pink diamonds can be an excellent form of investment. They’re a great way to diversify your portfolio with a material asset that doesn’t wildly fluctuate and also doesn’t require a great deal of maintenance. However, it’s important to be clear about why you’re buying; investing is a different prospect to buying jewellery featuring pink diamonds, for example. Make sure you work with an expert such as Argyle Diamond Investments before making any purchases. 

Pink diamonds are typically found in pink, purplish-pink, pink-rose and pink-champion hues. 

Until the closure of the Argyle mine in 2020, the primary source for pink diamonds in Australia (and the world) was in Western Australia. The Argyle mine was located in a remote part of the East Kimberley region, and was operated by Rio Tinto. 

As with any diamond, the value of a pink diamond is influenced by the weight, whether there are any imperfections, clarity, colour and shape. You can contact us for a valuation or to sell your pink diamonds.